first little snow

You can't see it here, but it was snowing this morning. Too soon, says Mitzi, but weather patterns have been known to change when I come around. It looked so pretty falling in the pond that Mitzi lovingly dug and built with her own little hands. There is nothing my cousin can't do. And now she can make beads too. I'll show you soon, and yes, I will encourage you to buy her beads as well as mine! The snow only fell for a few minutes this morning, but Mitzi has been at the torch all day.


  1. Don't see the snow. But, sure LOVE the colors!!! If you could just melt that photo ...swirl it around and make it into a bead ,it would be lovely !
    I'm enjoying your new one picture instead of 1000 words format ! LOL! m.e. :)

  2. Mitzi, you go girl! What a nice pond that is, I love the moon rock smiling back at you!
    Personally I like your words and your pictures.

    BEad WELL!


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