making do

Sometimes I forget that this is exactly what I signed up for, this "simple" little life. Sometimes I even go so far as to wonder what the hell I'm doing here. The open road and the mobile life are meant for motion. It becomes a totally different thing once you decide to stay in one place. On the upside, rent is cheap, our diesel bill has dropped off to almost nothing, and we have zero yard work to bother with. On the down side, we live in a really tiny space, the internet doesn't work in our "coach", and I really can't make beads in the trailer after all. It's just too messy and glassy for cramped quarters. Fortunately, I have Mitzi's garage/studio to work in, and equally fortunately, she's in love with making beads now too, so I'm able to repay her for her space by sharing my torch and glass and expertise. It seems like a winning deal for both of us. I use the internet here too, which is also nice and convenient - unless I want to check my email or write a blog from my own humble home. It's frustrating to always have to schlep my computer to someplace else just to take care of business. This morning I needed to check on some bead orders before I could wrap and ship everything, so I toddled on over to the chilly Game Room, and set up shop on the pool table. I grumbled the whole way over there, feeling like I shouldn't have to put up with such primitive conditions. I'm trying to run a business, for goodnesssakes, and I feel a lot more like Mad Max than Donald Trump... which come to think of it, might be a good thing. But the point is, after several days of bitching and whining, I'm kind of OK with just making do... I can't expect things to be different than what they are, or the same as they were someplace else. Somewhere down the line I want an actual house again, with a yard I can let the dogs romp in, a pretty little studio, and internet that works indoors, all the time, and of course, whatever Rick wants too. I don't think it's asking too much. But for now, well, good enough is good enough. We really like it here in Ashland, and doing it this way, we get to keep checking things out before we make any big commitments.


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