my new phone

I got a new phone yesterday. I've stubbornly held onto my old Samsung for over five years, vowing to keep it until it stopped working, and that's pretty much how it went down. The poor old thing lost its grip on the "5" key, and then started shutting itself off for no apparent reason. I suppose it was tired.

The new phone, also a Samsung, is the snazzy "Rogue" with a touchscreen and all the other expected bells and whistles. It even has a "roll the dice" setting that might be good for a little gambling amusement while I wait in line at the grocery store. I've spent several hours so far just exploring how this phone works, and I'm surprised at how intuitive it actually is. I had to load all my contacts by hand, because the old phone was too old to manage it electronically. I didn't really mind. It's fun playing with new toys. And soon enough, this fun new gizmo will be just another sensible necessity.

My next challenge is to embrace texting. I've resisted it for a long time, blaming my funky phone, but now there's no excuse. I even have a "qwerty" keyboard, which I navigate like a clumsy novice at the moment, but expect to rule before long. Gotta keep up, or be left behind. And typing on a phone doesn't make me feel so self-conscious about my three-finger typing skills. With a phone you're supposed to be "all thumbs". This makes complete sense to me.

I just need to figure out how to get a picture from my phone to my blog... maybe next week... Meanwhile, if you have my phone number, send me a text. I promise to at least attempt to answer you.


  1. Qwerty keyboards are a wonderful thing! I have an EnV2, and it is by far the best phone I have ever had. I know in the case of my phone, to get a pic from the phone to the blog I have to send them to my email address. With Facebook, you just set up a facebook mobile and do it from there.

    Enjoy your new technology!

    Penny \IiiI

  2. I'd love to send you a text Kim ! ~ the new phone sounds, does it make the tea !!!?? ;o)


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