a pretty good week

I don't seem to have enough time to work. There's too much fun going on! But maybe what's really happening is I'm finally finding some balance in my life. For years and years it's been all about work. I guess it would still be that way if I had my own studio, so it's a good thing I'm sharing with Mitzi. This way I have to be out of there sometimes so she can do her stuff. The way it's working at the moment is I do my internet stuff at her house on Mondays, instead of in the chilly game room at the RV park. Mitzi paints and makes beads (mostly makes beads... poor thing caught the bead bug...) on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and I have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday in the studio. I can't get as many beads made as I used to, but maybe that's not a bad thing. Maybe I can make just enough. I'll find out as I go, like with everything else. I know I sound awefully tentative lately, and that's because everything in my life feels tentative. Nothing is solid. Nothing is mine. It's OK. It' what I signed up for.

Anyway, we had a most wonderful weekend here in Ashland. Actually a wonderful week. Rick and I went driving on Thursday, through the backroads and hills, up about as far as Grants Pass. This is nice country, but Ashland remains at the top of the list for places to settle in. Friday night we wandered out with Mitzi and Ron for First Friday, and took in some galleries, which is always fun. There's a lot of good art here, and too many galleries to hit them all in one evening. Mitzi knows just about everybody in Art Land, so it's fun to get out there and meet some folks.

After Art Walking, we went to the Elks Lodge for a tasty beverage and a few games of pool. I don't know what it is, but I really like that place. More nice people, cheap drinks, and the only 25 cent pool table in town... maybe in the world. I tested out my new little Olympus camera, which I bought on ebay through a second hand tip from Kate McKinnon. I love it. The bells and whistles are actually useful, as well as easy to use. Get yours here...

Rick waited until I finished two beers to tell me he had something to tell me. Uh Oh... He pointed down to his leg, where I saw a lot of blood on his pants. He told me a dog had bitten him while I was in one of the galleries. What???!!! Yeah... it was a little old blind dog, and Rick had startled it out on the sidewalk. The poor thing laid into him good. Rick waited for the owner, and was assured that the dog had all his shots. Rick's jeans kept the teeth from making actual punctures, so the wounds are pretty much on the surface. The worst of it is now he'll probably be afraid of dogs to a certain degree. That's what pisses him off the most.

I worked all day Saturday, and then we all had dinner at Serena's place. Homemade ravioli. Mmmmmm. We all helped and danced around the kitchen. Tons of fun, and great food too.

Sunday seems to be a real day off. I like it that way. No "shoulds" hanging over my head. We took Lucy and Heidi to the dog park. It was their first dog park experience, so we were cautious, especially with Lucy, who can be sort of aggressive. First we had her in the isolation yard, where she stayed calm and didn't lunge at the dogs on the other side of the fence. So we put her on a leash and took her in with the rest of the pack. Heidi was a little timid, but enjoyed making some friends and romping around with the big dogs. We kept Lucy on her leash most of the time because there were kids there and we didn't want to take any chances. But we're encouraged. She played well with the other dogs, and stayed calm around the kids. There's hope for our girl, and we found that dog park people are really friendly. Maybe as the dogs make new friends, we will too. As for Rick, he didn't seem to have any trouble being surrounded by all those teeth. I'm pretty proud of him for jumping right in there like that, before the teeth marks in his leg had even healed.

A perfect Sunday afternoon for us now includes a walk in Lithia Park, followed up with a beer and a snack at the Black Sheep. Nice. So nice.

Back to work on another busy Monday, but I'm rested and ready to go. I'm still saying, although still tentatively, that I like it here. This place has real possibilities for me, for us. We'll know... when we know.


  1. Beautiful photos Kim, on your new camera ! I love the trees when they're red like that, SO pretty !
    I hope Rick's ok and recovering from his bite.
    Whenever you get time to make your beads, they're ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL !!


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