i rest my case

So Rick and I went out gallery hopping for First Friday last night, and because it was cold, cold, cold, and we were feeling festive he wore his Santa hat. Later, we met up with Ron and went to the Elks Lodge for beverages. The Elks bar is a No Hat Zone, a rule that's well known and strictly enforced. We're not members though, so Rick sat blithely down on a swiveled bar stool and ordered a beer, without even considering removing his fluffy red and white hat. Normally, the bartender would have politely asked him to remove his headwear, but nobody said a peep, at least not until Rick left to find the men's room. As soon as he was out of ear shot, a buzz went through the bar. "He's wearing a hat! Should we tell him to take it off? I don't know... it's a Santa hat. That's different. I think it might be OK..."

When Rick came back to the bar, they all hushed up, and the hat remained on Rick's head. I think this was a first in the bar's long history. I guess Rick is born trend setter. Or maybe... Maybe, if there is a Santa-God connection, our drinking companions were aware of it, at least subconsciously, and nobody wanted to be the one to tell God-Santa to remove his hat. Not to say that Rick thinks he's God, but you remember that song, "What If God Was One Of Us"? On the off-chance that there's something to that, I can understand their reluctance to offend the Big Guy in any way.

I'm expecting Rick to be invited to join the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks any moment now. I think he's a shoe-in.


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