moving on up

Notice anything different? I just found this most marvelous new "skin" for my blog. It was hard to choose from all the beauties offered to me, so I might decide to switch it up fairly often. After all... change is the only thing we can really count on. Might as well make the most of it.

We've moved ourselves up to Emigrant Lake. I adore it here so far. We've come from the cozy little glen by the stream to what feels like a big wonderful tree house. We're up high on a hillside, looking down to the lake, and up the slope behind us through hundreds of oak trees. We really do live a charmed life. And to think, three weeks ago we nearly took a hideous space in a ghastly park in town, just to be sure we had somewhere to spend the summer. SO glad we decided to trust that something better would find us. We didn't do it. We just waited and trusted, and here we are. The more I live that belief, the more it proves to be true. Constant practice is all it takes, and we know how easy that isn't!

Lucy and I rode in the trailer, to be sure nothing crashed in transit. We didn't take a lot of time to stow things, since we were going to get them out again just a few minutes later. The entire trip, from campsite to campsite took five minutes. That's my kind of move. Now as it starts to get dark, we're all settled in and ready to make some gooey-good mac & cheese, and pop the cork on some cheap champagne. And this is the view from our front door. Not bad, huh?


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