The wind last night was the worst yet. Somehow I managed to just check out, and slept through it until after eight this morning. A good sleep does wonders. When I woke up, the wind had stopped, the sun was shining, and I had bead ideas in my head for the first time in months. A friend suggested that I start drawing. Draw anything, she said. So I drew the beads I saw in my head. It's a good thing I make beads better than I draw them. At least the sketches help me remember those early morning wake-up thoughts. Those are the inspirations that are so easily lost, so fragile they can wander off with the steam from my tea cup, lost in the mist... poof... gone forever. A habit I haven't very successfully developed is to always keep a notebook handy. Always. I'm practicing. Always practicing.

Ready to get back to work, Rick helped me set up the new EZ UP so we can get the studio together. I love how it sits there on its little hillside, with a sweeping view out the front to the lake. It feels like a little clubhouse all my own, with a noticeable absence of laundry machines and garden tools. It's mine, all mine, the first dedicated studio space I've ever had. I am absolutely giddy.


  1. wow I could read this all night long! you are such a good writer!!!

    xox me! great photos, too!


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