Moving through this odd vacuum I seem to be stuck in, I realize that if I stop struggling, there is no more struggle... Now I'm just floating, keeping my head above water, waiting to be guided to shore. I know that nature doesn't do vacuums. The void will be filled, and it's not up to me to fill it. Interestingly, and I'm sure not merely coincidentally, I have lost my voice. Unable to speak, I can only shut up and listen. Hmmm...

A new gig of sorts has presented itself, and we've accepted. Rick and I are to be volunteer "camp hosts" at Emigrant Lake this summer. And in this case, "summer" starts early. We're pulling up stakes tomorrow morning, and rolling the old gypsy wagon across the highway, about a five minute trip, to our new "home". The park doesn't open to campers until March or April - I'm not clear on that yet - but we get to be up there, helping ready the place for the summer crowds. Rick and I will be on the tent side of the campground, but will have a nice (free) RV site with hookups as our payment for volunteering. We will be in charge of things like hanging "reserved" tags on camp sites and selling firewood to the happy campers. Not too difficult. Maybe best of all is that we get to be up there for several weeks while the park is closed. I think there's only one other seasonal employee living up there, and county parks folks who come in during the day. Sounds beyond wonderful to me.

So here we go, floating, waiting, breathing. Remember to breathe... Once the trailer is set up and leveled, we'll pop out the new EZup and make a studio. I guess I'll make beads, but maybe something else will occur to me too. I'll be quiet and listen...


  1. When I was in a similar situation I had a very wise man tell me that I needed to decide if I wanted to be a cork (go with the flow) or a motorboat (power through it). I tried both and the cork thing really worked out the best. So, say "hi" when you float by.

  2. The less stress option sure seems to be the cork.Mostly float though life perhaps bobbing now and then.
    But, once you might get to hang out in a wine bottle !
    Yep ,I'd choose the cork ! :) m.e.

  3. I am so excited for you and Rick. You will be excellent hosts. I little different (younger) than the usual park hosts. Our favorite time of year to camp is when the park is closed. Yippee cannot wait to hear about the park and your experiences. Congratulations.


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