diamonds and dirt

So much energy. So many ideas. So many things to try. Not enough hours in a day. I dashed out to the studio tent yesterday to take some pictures in its lovely glowing light. A million things in my head. A busy day already in the works. Tea cup in tow. Hair still wet. Gravity surge.............

Diamonds and dirt don't mix. At least someone had the good sense to invent tweezers for such occasions. I was instantly required to take a deep breath and slow down and focus. I had to laugh at how the Dear Universe gets our attention sometimes. If we're smart, a gentle tap on the shoulder is all it takes. It's easier to listen here. I'm listening...

Moral of the story: Slow down, pay attention, and eat breakfast... In the midst of manic creativity, mundane, practical things like level blood sugar play a key role. Today, scrambled eggs and cheese.


  1. Love the light reflection on the CZ's Kim, really beautiful, hearts...nearly Valentine's Day !!


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