february bead abundance giveaway

We hear it every day - "the economy this, the economy that"... And I hear it every day -"I just don't have any money to buy beads right now"... I hear you! I feel your pain! And I want to help!

It's my belief, and my experience, that when I notice and am grateful for what I have, not only does what I don't have seem less important, the things I need seem to have an easier time finding their way to me. I've been walking around for years saying, "Oh, I don't know... I just live a charmed life!" And know what? I do. True story. I believe in my bones that there's enough of everything for everyone, and I know for sure that I always have everything I need. So my goal here is to share some of my Belief In Abundance with you. To do this, I'm going to do a Bead Abundance Giveaway!

Let's start now. This will be a random drawing, and the prize will be one of my beads. I don't know which one yet, but I promise it will be a good one! You don't have to buy anything to win, and you don't have to be on my mailing list. Just follow a few simple rules to be entered in the drawing...

1. Visit my BeadShop, have a look around, and make a note of your three favorite things in the shop.

2. Come back to my blog, and leave a comment on this post, telling me what your three favorite items in my BeadShop are, and ALSO list three things in your life that make you feel your abundance.

That's it really. Pretty simple. Here's the Fine Print:
Only enter ONCE during the month of February.
Entries must be made as a comment to this post on my blog.
No email entries.
No anonymous entries.
No incomplete entries.
One winner will be chosen by random drawing in early March.
The prize might be one of the winner's favorite picks from my BeadShop, or something else. It's up to me!

So off you go! See you back here!
Here's to all of us living a Charmed Life, filled with Abundance!

(Photo lifted from this lovely blog: How To Experience Abundance Anytime Anywhere)


  1. Hey Kim! I love the new rings in your shop!!

    My favorite three things would be the Meteorite Ring, the Personalized Treasure Globes, and if we can pick one from Etsy, the FAITH Vintage Key Necklace.

    Matt is the ONE thing in my life that is always reminding me and pointing out my abundance. He always points out that I am blessed with an abundance of people who love me, financial provision and everything else that I NEED always makes it's way to me.

  2. Hi Kim I have been enjoying your blog and your Etsy shop..Everything is so pretty,you are so talented!!
    I think that the Globe Beads are my favorite. The Little Keys are adorable!!
    I like the Secret Valentine Globe - Caviar and Diamonds and You and Me.
    Your Glass Venus Cameo Pendants are great too;)

    I find abundance everyday in my family,my dog and cats and my herbal study and love of all things natural.

    ~Hope you find some magic in your week~


  3. Ooh, do I get to go first!

    3 Favorites -
    1. Wild Gypsy - I wish I could buy this bead, I've been lusting after it for a few weeks!
    2. Lakeside 2.12, love the horizontal stringing and coloring
    3. Love, just love the idea of the treasure globes

    3 things I have -
    1. A great family! I am so thankful for my family.
    2. I have an great abundance of friends and love every one of them.
    3. I am thankful for the opportunities that continue to present themselves to me lately!

    Thanks Kim for making us think about these things!

  4. I love 4 things best and they are all rings which surprises me be cause although I love glass beads and I love Rings I don't usually love Glass Bead rings - but you have really combined the silver and glass in a graceful design.

    Pink Roses
    Evil Eye
    Sky Stone

    Things that make me feel abundant

    7 grandchildren
    Art in all forms


  5. Hi Kim, i have really enjoyed "traveling" with you, even if the scenery outside my windows hasn't changed - except that it seems every weekend we get another 8 to 20 inches of snow - What's with that, we live in Virginia, that's suppossed to be in the SOUTHERN STATES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much for global warming!

    At Christmas time I was so tempted to buy myself the Poinsetta bead to wear throughout the holidays, but I "behaved myself" and didn't buy it - I'll be looking for them next year and promise not to restrain myself.

    I think for the other two favorites, one would have to come from the Personalized Treasure Globe series - such a wonderful idea - you are an artist for the people, that's for sure! The other would be the Gypsy Wild Lotus - such a wonderful work of art.

    You are certainly making the best of your studio tent - I was amazed to read that you had not previously had your own private work space - you are an amazing lady.

    Continue to have fun and enjoy this great country of ours.

    cj - The Lucky Lady Bug

  6. Fabulous beads, btw

    I love 1) the pink roses ring 2)treasure globe samples 3) and the sugar egg....

    three things that make me feel my abundance are: 1) a beautiful daughter who makes me smile every day, 2) the rest of my family who are all awesome, 3) my creative abilities and use of my hands

    thank you,

    Lara =)

  7. Oops, this is cj again, I forgot the things which make me feel I live in abundance, everyday.

    I am soooo lucky to have a wonderful husband, Ron, he loves me "anyway" (none of us is perfect, remember), therefore, I have abundant love from my sweetie, our son, our family and friends.

    And, you know, when you have abundant love, you don't need anything else.

    However, I do think I have abundant beads - will I ever have enough? NEVER!

    And, unfortunately, I have abundant hips - but that's another story.

    Happy beading and bead making to all, cj

  8. I love, love, love all of your creations, but for today my favorites would have to be the Midnight Pools Ring, the Lakeside Series #2.13 and the Globes. (Goes without saying that the Gypsy Wild Lotus is amazing).

    I have been blessed with so much abundance in my life it's hard to only name three, but here they are: My amazing husband of 50 years; My two sons and their beautiful families; My friends and neighbors and, one more - the beauty that surrounds us every day here on the lower Texas coast. Thanks for the beauty you provide!

  9. The pink roses ring give me hope for Spring...SOON, please...

    The sugar eggs reminds me of Easter and makes me smile with the knowledge of the miracle that comes with that....

    The evil eye makes me laff out loud...laffing in the face of evil...

    My husband, my mate....he makes me feel valued every day...

    My dogs, oh, my 5 dogs who love me unconditionally, no matter how I look or what mood I am in....they are SO happy to see mommy when she gets home....

    My grandson who just turned 16 and is so handsome and well-mannered and polite and is hoping for a future in politics (of all things)...he gives me hope for the future....

  10. Wow, your comments have *doubled* lol.

    I open every email and peruse your beads all the time, always making mental notes of what I'd love to own one day :). My favs as of this moment are:

    1) The Midnight Pools ring. Makes me think of my desert sky I miss so much.

    2) Your entire Lakeside series. The colors just play so beautifully together.

    3) I am a big globe fan. All those little treasures in a glass bubble, waiting to be discovered...

    Three things that make me feel my abundance:

    1) My daughters: they saved my life in so many ways, and will continue to do so in so many more.

    2) My home: Okay, so I complain about living in Michigan...*a lot*...but not one day goes by that I don't realize how blessed I am to have a warm house with big windows that let me see nature and the wildlife that wanders through it.

    3) My husband: I know that maybe it sounds corny, but I am so lucky to have a man who supports my many colored moods and all my rough edges and is still here, by my side, after almost 18 years. He reminds me all the time that the future is still wide, wide open and to be explored.

    There you go. Wow, that was surprisingly not easy to do. Guess too much time is wasted *not* recognizing the abundance of life and blessings around us that you just take advantage of them. Thank you for making me slow down and go "hmmmm" :).

    Penny \IiiI

  11. Martha Grady is here to remind you that your beads are all loved in Houston! Right now the treasure globes and the lakeside series are my favorites. You know I buy the flowers and love them. As for being grateful it is somehow always a real test in the cold but the people in my life..mother, daughter and future son-in-law are all treasurers. We are warm, fed and healthy....nothing else is needed.

  12. Gosh Kim, I love ALL your beads! Hard choice but I narrowed it down tho these:
    Lakeside Series ~ #2.16 - Gorgeous swirls of texture and color and always one more thing to find hidden in the depths and they have hearts!
    Lakeside Ring ~ #2.21 - All of the above AND in a ring!
    Treasure globe - Wee spheres of magic.

    There are so many things in my life that highlight my abundance if I slow down enough to notice them.

    Always first is my wonderful husband John. We've been married going on 11 years and it just keeps getting better. He is so incredibly supportive of me, always has my back and rarely offers up any snark - but he can hold his own with me if necessary. haha

    I am priveleged to have a job I love (most days). Doing something I enjoy to earn money to do other things I enjoy - that's abundance!

    The friends and coworkers who show up to help in a crisis, who call if I'm not around, who come by the office just to say hi - all the little expressions of "Hey, you're important to me" show what an abundance of love and caring there is in my life.

    This is 4, but I must add our furbabies. There is nothing like 3 small dogs who dance and turn circles in pure joy every time I walk in the front door. I always come home smiling.

  13. Oh my the rings are so cool! My favs are the Evil Eye Ring, Sky Stone Ring & Midnight Pools Ring. They're amazing!
    And three things I am thankful for in my life now. 1)Friends and family that truly love me. How lucky is that? 2)The pug rescue people. I have a phone interview tonight to see if I can adopt one of their furry babies. Those people work so hard to help those little dogs. 3)My horse. She's always smiling. I swear! A horse that smiles and is full of mischief. She's a hoot and can always make my day! Thanks Kim. Keep on carrying on!

  14. Hi Kim, your work has really evolved since we first met. I am partial to your lakeside series.
    Nice to see your blog, I started one up again too late last year and am much more devoted to this one. We're in AZ half the year now. Nice to see hwat you've been up to. Yay abundance! I've added you to my roll.

  15. I have never blogged before, but here goes!

    I visited, I saw, I loved!!!
    Three lovely things I visited----
    1. Lakeside Series #2.16 (gasp!)
    2. Lakeside Ring #2.21 (will actually fit my full sized finger!)
    3. Sugar Egg #2.21 (gasp again!)

    Three things that make me feel Abundance--- (easy!)
    1. Family and friends(including the furry one, my angel Josie!)
    2. My job (I work in an elementary school, the kids keep me going and really put life in perspective)
    3. Beading!! (or buying beads, or shopping for beads, or thinking about beading, or looking at my bead collection, or reading a bead publication, or designing a vision, or....)

    This was fun and easy! Maybe I'll try this again sometime if I find the courage. (Blogging that is)

  16. Kim, my favorites in the shop are the Wild Gypsy Lotus Bead - #1.51,
    Lakeside 2.20 and
    Lakeside 2.12. In fact, I liked Lakeside 2.12 so much, I bought it. I really like the matte black ends, and would have preferred a vertical bead (like 2.20) but couldn't resist the aqua spots of 2.12. I like the long, slender shape of the whole series.

    As for what in my life makes me feel my abundance, I have many more than three to list! But mostly it's my husband and son, and my wonderful Dad -- who is 90 years old and took loving care of my mother who suffered from dementia for years until her death on Christmas day. But I would add two great cats and a warm house where we are huddled between snow storms (Vienna VA, where we had 32 inches two days ago and 20 inches coming tomorrow). We are so fortunate, and we know it!
    Keep following your bliss....

  17. Oh Kim - what a wonderful idea. I'm excited to be participating in this fun Abundance give away.

    My favorite beads:
    Cameo Pink Love Bird
    Lime-Pink CZ Diamond Floral
    Sugar Egg Bead

    Three things that make me feel my Abundance:
    Smiles on my grandkids faces when I help them make their art. I'm abundantly blessed.

    When somone actually pays me for one of my lampwork beads. What a compliment THAT is! I sold my first one yesterday. A heart with a flower on the front.

    When my husband puts his arms around me and tells me he loves me. I have an abundance of love - I can feel it and rest in it.

  18. Kim,
    My favorite bead to date is the Wild Gypsy - it's so intricate and intriguing. I also love the idea of the personalized treasure globes. The midnight pools ring is super cool - if it was my size, I would be buying it.
    I feel abundance for the unconditional love from my husband, 2 dogs, 1 cat and my mother.

  19. Hi Kim,
    If I can only name 3 items I must say that the Wild Gypsy bead is on the list. The Lakeside bead #2.16 and the Sky Stone ring are also favorites!

    This is very difficult time in our lives. My husband lost his job and we are living with my mother until we get our feet on the ground! (1) Jeff and I have found a deeper love as we discover what is next for us. (2)We are beyond thankful to my mom (Minerva) for opening her heart to all four of us and our dog Trestle! (3) I have been given a job as an after-school caregiver for a family that I love! I get paid for being a mom!
    Life is great during this transitional moment in our lives. We have disovered there is abundance in budgets and smaller homes!

    Denise Daquila

  20. Okay, here goes my first ever post to a blog! What an enticement to learn something new, Kim!
    I love all of your work, but the gypsy lotus bead is my favorite...if I don't mention the sugar egg...or the lakeside series....or the rings. I love them all. And, as always, I have a special fondness for any of your florals.
    As for personal abundance...I have only to look to my husband, my children, my dog and my home to know I have it in spades!
    So, does it disqualify me to list four things of yours and four of things in my life instead of the three requested?
    By the way, the reason we are in the house/cottage we are in now is because we thought about traveling full time like you are now. We downsized, held an estate sale, sold off just about everything then built the initial portion of this place in 2 weeks straight out of Home Depot. We loved it so much, we stayed put!
    But, I'd still like to take off and travel someday. 'Til then, I'll just follow you around!

  21. Hi! Here are my three favorites from your shop: Lakeside Series #2.16,
    Wild Gypsy Lotus #1.31 and Sugar Egg
    #2.15! In my life, there is plenty
    of family, love and food.
    Thanks, Cindi

  22. Miss Kim, you are certainly a most generous beadist! So hard to choose just three... I do so love your personalized globes. That has to be one of the most inspired things yet. And I love your new rings. Midnight Pools gets my vote. And Lakeside...swoon! The one labeled 2.16 looks as if there is a heart in it!
    Three things that prove to me my abundance... my husband, my daughter and my son. They are the reason I get up every morning. They make me want to be the best person I can be. They are my home, not matter where they are. They make me so proud to be their mother and wife.
    Thank you for this wonderful inspiration today, Kim! Blessings to you! Enjoy the day!

  23. Kim- the things I love from your shop are not just the beads-'though I love all your beads and rings and hammered silver-but the tiny things like the eentsy cz's you've meticulously put into the globes. same for the seashells. I love the intricate,beautiful little touches of gold wash, and extra dots of color swirled, and tiny cz's as centers in your flowers. I love the fact that you sized the rings for yourself saying that you might just keep them. That tells me that you love what you create, and a part of you is in every piece, so personal.
    I feel my abundance in knowing that I can CHOOSE to live frugally, that my abundance is not in what I own, but in what I can give away, and in being free to feel blessed at something as simple as sunshine on a cold, snowy day. Thanks for prompting us to take stock of all the good that surrounds us.ellen

  24. Hi Kim! My favorites are the "Evil Eye ring", the "Sky Stone ring", and the "Sugar Egg". They are all great, but those are my favorites from what shows in the bead shop. I was diappointed that you didn't have any bracelet beads... I finally got a "Troll" bracelet (specifically) so I could showcase your beads on it. The sales lady at the jewelry store was very impressed with your beads. (They are much nicer than the ones TROLL sells!)

  25. Sorry, I forgot to add the 3 things I am thankful for!
    1 - my faith
    2 - my husband and family
    3 - my job

  26. Hi Kim!
    Here are my favorites;

    The Wild Gypsy Lotus. It is rich with color and shape. If I could imagine peeping though a colored glass facing the sun, all those colors and swerls would enchant the eye. It is beautiful.

    The Lakeside Ring; Again, color and harmony in a serindipitis way. It is nature and the color is there in nature. It is all together in one little spot.

    Personalized Treasure Globe;
    Well, this is weird but I thought immediatly that if my beloved cat were to expire I would put her ashes in the little globe and wear it to have her with me. I know this is morbid but I found it as a place for a true keepsake.

    Thanks for making such beautiful beads!

  27. Wow! I'm grateful for the opportunity win something from you!!! My favorites are 1) Lakeside 2.12, 2) midnite pools ring - from what you've said these might fit me, too! And 3) the sugar egg.

    What I'm reminded of every day is 1) Where I live. I have a lovely home in (what I think) the most beautiful place on earth, that carries no mortgage or debt of any kind. 2) Loyal friends who will do ANYTHING for me, and vice versa. 3) My lifestyle of being self-employed. I may have harder times financially than others, but I can do what and when I like, for the most part. The freedom is something I'd hate to have to give up.

    Thanks for this opportunity, Kim..oooooo I hope I win!!

  28. what a wonderful idea!i love the lakeside series 2.16 AND 2.12 and of course the gypsy lotus..I THINK i LOVE YOUR LOTUS STYLE BEADS THE BEST...
    I am a very lucky girl 1- i come from a wonderful family filled with love 2- I married into a great family who I love dearly- just celebrated 25 years of wedded bliss and we have a beautiful 21 yr.old daughter and 2 dogs to complete our family 3- I have a job where I dont have to work everyday- I do catering- and my husband works hard for all of us and i love him for all he does

  29. FORGOT! The three things I am grateful for
    First of all I am grateful for my life with my new husband. He supports me in my infant jewelry making business and I love him for that. I am grateful for where I live. I am here in Manhattan but at the northern most tip and there is a beautiful park with an inlet full of geese, ... More »
    5 minutes ago - About http://kimmiles-takingthelongwayhome.blogspot.com/feeds/comments/default

  30. This is quite fun....
    My favorites are; Sugar Egg #2.15, Wild Gypsy # 1.15, and the Lake Side Series #2.12.

    The Top Three abundance things for me are; the great encouraging folks in my life, the beautiful mountains surrounding me, and my snugly pets!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Jo Gustafson

  31. Hi Kim! Your work is fabulous--as always! I love the new lake series of beads and the rings! My favorite 3 things on your website are: Sugar Egg #2-15, Lakeside ring #2.21 and the Wild Gypsy Lotus #1.51.
    The 3 things in my life that remind me of the abundance in my life are my job with benefits, my son and his family and my ability to help others thru donations of money, food and time.
    Keep up the great work!
    Sheryl Lamarand

  32. Hi Kim!
    I always try to read your notes. Sometimes I miss them 'cause my computer is wonky.

    I love all you beads. I especially like the Goddess bead I have. And my friend and co-worker likes hers!

    My fave ones on you site right now
    are Wild Gypsy Lotus, Lakeside 2.16and the Treasure Globes.

    I measure my abundance by the love of my husband, the feeling I get when I dress up to belly dance, and the peace I have when out in the natural world.


  33. Again you have found inspiration!
    Lakeside series:all are beautiful, but i love the colors of 1.49 - sometimes see a Red that shade here in the northwest at sunset laced with a sea that light blue.
    The ruby red ring, such depth of color surrounded by the organized twists of silver.
    The Sugar Egg - whimsy you just want to hold, peer into the earthy strata to find the strings of gold among the earthy tans, the sparkle of the purple flowers shining through the window.
    Abundance - love of family and friends, food in our bellies and the art of the natural world

  34. The things I like the best are the Wilde Gypsy Lotus, Lakeside bead #2.16, and the Meteorite Ring. My faith helps me feel abundant...knowing that God has enough for everybody and he will take care of me.

  35. My favorites are the lakeside series especially 2.20, the treasure globes and on Etsy the Ton of Fun necklace which I bought. My abundances are my wonderful husband who takes good care of me, my 3 grandchildren and my dog Murphy who is always glad to see me and gives good puppy kisses.

  36. Good evening from frozen Flordia...

    My 3 favorites are not all on your web site at the moment, but have been :-)
    1) The Goddess beads, I loved them..
    2) The Globe Beads (I Loved the ones with the sand shells) (FABULOUS)
    3) The layered flower beads with cz,(I have one I wear everyday,,

    and my 3 things in my life that make me feel my lifes abundance are

    1)God's gift of a perfect mate (for he know how picky I was :0) )
    2) My girlfriends, each and everyone fill a special need in my life and I can never have to many
    3)that I am humbled when someone shares their abundance with me or mine..

    Thanks for letting us share with you..

    May the flame be with you always
    Patsy Gromer

  37. Hi Kim,
    It's hard to find only 3 favourites here ! I love all your wonderful creations, but the 3 today would be 1. Ruby Tuesday Ring (Beatles...good...good !!) 2. Lakeside Series, 2.03 is lovely and
    3. Treasure Globes, which are a good idea !
    My 3 things that make my life full of abundance is
    1. having found you and your wonderful beads
    2. My cat, Ollie
    3. My Mum and having had a lovely 'Sarge' at work who's now retiring !!
    All the best !!! xoxox Michelle (UK)

  38. My favorites change each time you add new beads. Today I choose
    1. the meteorite ring
    2. lakeside series 2.03
    3. lakeside series 2.16

    I have a lot of abundance in my life. Three I'll share here are
    1. My family
    2. My dog, Sierra
    3. Books

  39. Hi Kim,

    I love you Sugar Egg, New Rings, Wild Gypsy Lotus and on Etsy love the Secret Valentine with the clear & pink crystals.

    I am grateful for my family, pets, beautiful things (art, flowers, smiles, laughter, colors, beads, etc).

    Also your newer heading and artwork on the site is great.


  40. Hi Kim! It's Jean! I want the treasure globe (any style--so that makes three chices!) for a friend although once I get it in my hands I don't know if I can give it away! But it must go to my friend. She needs strength and love all around her, right now.

    You are my walking, talking example of a totally beautiful person.

    love and xoxoxox!!! jean

  41. Hi Kim,
    I love your Lakeside Series beads #2.03 and #2.28 as well as the Summerlove Ring #2.33.

    I am grateful for the abundance in my life of love, of friends, and in a traditional sense, food.

    Big hug to you and Rick from Denver!

  42. Kim,
    From your Beadshop:
    meteroite ring, wild gypsy lotus, evil eye ring.
    (I do love the black/pink rose ring that you're keeping! Looks like it matches another bead I have of yours; and I do miss your more colorful beads.)

    I'm thankful that while I've been unemployed for a year I at least still have my home; I have my hands to create beautiful jewelry; and have supportive family and friends.

    Thanks for sharing your travels with the blog world.


  43. I always enjoy visiting your Beadshop!

    At the moment, my 3 favorite beads are:

    1) tea tree ring
    2) summer love ring
    3) wild gypsy lotus

    The 3 things which most remind me of my abundance are:

    1) my family
    2) my health
    3) my job



  44. Picking three things only is tricky...I'm so envious of your talent :)
    Gently Down The Stream Ring~ #2.32
    Hurricane Blues Ring ~ #2.35
    and 3rd is a tie between Hurricane Blues Ring ~ #2.35 and Hurricane Blues Ring ~ #2.35
    (sorry, but they're just all so nice, it's hard to pick!)

    3 things in my life: that would have to be my family, who I love dearly and have been so wonderfully patient with me (I have depression and it's not easy for others to live with).
    My partners (it's complicated but everyone involved is aware and happy with the situation) who again have put up with a great deal and been so very helpful.
    And 3rd is a tie between either cats (they are so strange and dignified) or wonderful, green, outdoor spaces - they are fresh and full of hope.

  45. Oooops ! That was The Rolling Stones with Ruby Tuesday wasn't it !!?
    Well I think it's a lovely ring and looks like if you wore it on your finger you'd be sucking it as it's like a lovely strawberry lollipop !!! Yummy !!!!

  46. Since I always love everything you do, it's hard to pick only three but I'll go with (1) Wild Gypsy Lotus, (2) Sugar Egg, and (3) Personalized Treasure Globes.

    For abundance, again there is so much I'm thankful for it's hard to narrow to three but (1) family and friends I love and who love me in return, (2) warm, comfortable home and enough food to eat and the security of knowing that they are not likely to be lost, and (3) the blessing of having and optomistic nature which seems to always know that even if circumstances seem to be bad, they will change for the better again.

    Thanks for your wonderful blog too!

    Polly Anna

  47. Happy day after Valentine's Day!
    It is Louis Riel Day here in Manitoba and so I guess President's Day for you.

    I greatly admire your work and while looking at designs on your site to pick..the selection kept on dropping at an amazing rate! I would love any of them,but selected these three:
    Zen Beadist Ring ~ #2.31
    Lakeside Series Pendant ~ #2.16
    Gently Down The Stream Ring ~ #2.32

    The three things that make me feel abundance in my life are firstly of course my children, both boys(young men) and they remind me daily how blessed I am. Secondly, I am greatful that even though one of my sisters has suffered many set backs in her health recently, it has brought us closer and to the realization that even though we had drifted apart..we still love and care for each other and I am happy that I have a second chance to be her big sister. Thirdly, the abundance of support and love sent my way during a trying year personally from people that I thought were only "casual" friends, reminded me that even when I feel alone,I am not.
    Thanks for reminding me.


  48. How can a possibly pick just three! Well, here goes.

    1. Lakeside Series #2.16
    2. Personalized Treasure Globes - Reminds me of your hearts with the ashes in them. I thought that was an awesome idea.
    3. Sugar Egg

    Now, three things that make me feel abundant.

    1. My husband, my beautiful children, my absolutely gorgeous grand-children, my sisters, brother, mom and dad, in-laws. In a word family! What could possibly be more important than that?

    2. My friends.

    3. The strength that God gave me to come back from cancer at the age of 27. I never thought that I would see 40. Now, here I am 49 and I thank God everyday for giving me the chance to be a better person.


  49. Hello!

    My 3 favorites (hard job to choose just 3):

    Lakeside Series #2.16
    Luminaria - Amber Light
    Luminaria - Trees


    Second Chances (have come close to leaving this planet twice in the last few years and I'm still here)

    My two sons and their families

    My friends (for their support and encouragement in good times & bad)

  50. Hi Kim! Love the new Luminaria beads!

    My 3 favorites on your site are the Lakeside pendant series #2.16 (though I do like them all), the Wild Gypsy Lotus (and small lots pendant), and the Luminaria pendants (I like them all, can't choose!)

    As for the 3 things that make my life abundant are my wonderful husband who supports me in everything I do (he's my biggest fan!), the amazing friendships I've made in our travels, and the opportunities that always seem to present themselves in my life.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for this opportunity!

  51. Out of all the beautiful things in your shop - inspiring all - my favorites are:
    1) Luminaria Pendant - Twilight Wish
    2)Luminaria Pendant - Vines
    3) Luminaria Pendant - Ocean Dream

    I didn't see your Treasure Globes posted there any more, otherwise those would have been on the list.

    The three things that make me feel abundance are:
    1) My family who provide me with unconditional love. Sometimes a hug on a bad day is all you need to turn it around!
    2) My work as a teacher. Supporting the community and giving people skills to help them thrive in the world makes me feel like I'm bringing life to the world around me.
    3) My work as an artist. Being able to make functional and beautiful things with almost anything make me confident I can create comfort for those around me, anywhere with anything.

  52. I LOVE the wild gypsy lotus, the luminaria #2.52 (love that star!) & the pink lotus ring.

    My abundance comes from my dog - unconditional love. Hiking every day, rain or shine at our creek with said dog. And my best friend...the most selfless human I've ever known.

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. heloooo kim, it took me only two hours to figure out how to do this...my learning curve..whew!! first i need to thank you for all the beads i have of yours. what i couldn't keep my eyes off of was of course gypsy, secondly i found myself attracted somewhere, not sure where it was now to the ragged (paper)? border with the flower. the evil eye ring is also a fav. i have moved from the city life to a little house in the woods. my abundance has to do with all the things around me..360 degrees of birch trees, every window is a new painting as each hour goes by.
    i cheat tho', i feed the birds and the deer which in turn gives my kitties free entertainment..it's abundance all around..is that more than three??? ong time...connie z i love my "MOM" bead to this day, thanks kim

  55. KIm; What a difficult task you have give us. I adore all of your work and have for years. I will play fair and follow the rules. 1. 267 Sacred Heart the swirling of the colors entwined with the goldstone makes my heart swell. 2. Moonlight Trellis the meandering of the the branches and sprinkling of the delicate flowers reminds me of the twists and turns of my own life with its unexpected jewels of joy. 3. Oregon Coast Globe filll me with glee with the thoughts of you hunting for the treasures you put inside of them. The mental pictures of you just make me giggle.
    How hard is it to list 3 things that make me feel abundant. My entire life has been filled with abundance. I have been gifted with compassion for others and for myself, with love of nature and all of it's charms, I have been gifted with people like you who make me think and share their hearts.

  56. Today's the last day to enter! THANKS EVERYBODY!!!
    I'll draw a winner tomorrow!
    xoxo kim

  57. We have a WINNER! Congratulations Annette, of Caledonea Studio! I have two possible prizes on hold for you in my BeadShop. #2.16, and #2.32. Please contact me by email at kim@kimmiles.com to let me know which one you prefer, and where to send it.

    Thank you EVERYONE for participating. Let's do it again in March! Stay tuned...

  58. Update... the prize is #2.32, and I'm still waiting to hear from Annette. Where, oh where can she be?

  59. OK - Since the winner did not claim her prize, I've drawn a new winner. lcaro2... Please contact me before Friday, March 19th to claim your prize!


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