the next step

Deep breath, beads, fine silver wire...
Start twisting.
Twist and shout. Twisted sister. Twistin' the night away.
Smooth, hammer, oxidize, polish.
Ahhh... yes. This is what I meant...

I love the feel of these, and I love that each one speaks to me differently, telling me just where the wire needs to go next, and next, and next. My fingers are sore, and I can't get enough of these gnarly, elegant rings. I try one on, and then another. I can't choose a favorite, so I wear them all. I've made them all in my size, in case I decide to keep them, or in case nobody wants to buy them. I'll try, I really will, to make some smaller ones. And I'll try to share, but not today. This new love is mine today.


  1. PLEASE make some of these for selling! I've been looking for a ring for my middle finger for years but everything is just so.....ordinary. These are special and I just adore them.

  2. Here's hoping we wear the same ring size lol!

  3. good work, girl. and i can tell you're getting mucho pleasure here! after weeks of threatening, i'm finally into my papier mache cat dolls today. thanks for your inspiration and encouragement. love, katy

  4. Yay Katy! Show us what you make!

    I made two more rings today - one for Rick. Sexy, manly ring! I've picked one for myself... for now, and will put others up on Monday. I too like a big, middle finger ring. Mines about a size 8. My ring finger is a 7. There will be lots of these two sizes, but I'll try for some smaller ones too!

  5. Rats! The one I really loved has gone to a new home already! But it was far too big so maybe I was saved from myself. Dratted little hands! Took me long enough to do US/Brit conversion as it was. Heh.

  6. Kim, I LOVE the one with the eye on it! Too cool!!!

  7. hi kim - i like the "midnite pools" ring, the lakeside series #2.12, & the personalized treasure globes


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