but what do you do with them?

I've been thinking about a web page that shows off my customers' jewelry designs, using my beads. The last time I tried this, it was so much work for me I had to abandon it. I have no interest in editing and posting emailed photos, but I've figured out a way to hand the task over to you!

My Facebook Fan Page is the perfect place for a project like this. You can easily pop in and post your pictures, comments, and even website and email if you're so inclined. Do a little networking. It'll be good for all of us. I think it's really useful to other jewelry designers and novice bead-wearers to see how other people are making use of beautiful beads. Of course it's my page, so it's all about me... I'll remove any photos that don't include "my" beads. I'm sure you understand!

If you're not already a member of Facebook, it's time to keep up with the times and technology. No, I won't post your pictures for you. Don't even ask. That's what you have savvy friends, kids, and grand children for.

OK, go! It's time to show and tell! How do you wear your Kim Miles Beads???
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  1. Kim, this is a wonderful idea !!
    I don't know whether you've looked at 'Lima Beads' ~ on their web-site they have a page called a Gallery, where people who buy the beads can show off their creations,you add the pictures yourself and say what materials you have used. It's all done by YOU the person who has made the item/s !

  2. Hi Kim,
    Who won the March giveaway?


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