make something up

Sometimes I just have nothing to say, or at least that what I think. It's really a weak and wimpy excuse to not show up. Not very creative...

I call my Dad about once a week. He's sneaking up on 81 this summer, his knees hurt, and he hasn't had much to do since Mom died 20 years ago. I call, and we chat, or mostly I chatter on about my little life and things we're doing here. Nothing really happens in his life, so sometimes I'll tell him, just make something up. He'll chuckle, and then usually launch into a story about his time in Italy, when he was very young and in the Army. He lucked into a post-war gig, so spending a couple of years in Trieste was more like a vacation than tour of duty. It was before he even met Mom, before marriage and kids and years of hard work. It was probably the best time of his life, and I love hearing about it. Still, I wish he had tales to tell of current adventures. I wish he was having more fun now.

I guess this relates to me as a reminder to get my ass out there and enjoy my life every single day. Some days are admittedly better than others, but I think it's one of our many jobs here to dig around and find the sparkly bits in even the dullest of days. I think it's even OK to make something up, because when we do that, the made-up bits can become real. And then we really have something to talk about.


  1. OK, I just HAD to comment! Did you ever see the movie Big Fish? Your post reminded me of that. If you haven't seen it..... you must! It's one of my favorites!!


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