the results are in

It looks like the bulk of the survey results are in, so I'll share them with you here. I'll keep checking the responses, and will factor anything new into my notes for future use. THANK YOU ALL for taking the time to let me know what's going on with you out there! Most of the comments were constructive and positive, which I really appreciate. I didn't leave anything out, or edit the comments other than to remove last names of those who signed them. I realize the spacing is a little screwy in the comments section... it's how it came up on the page for me. I think you'll still be able to decipher it.

I've already got some fun changes in mind, and will continue to look all this over and process as I go along. You've been a great help to me! I've posted all of the survey results and comments below. Maybe they'll be useful to some of you too. We're all in this together. Please feel free to leave further comments at the end of the blog entry. I think it would be great to keep the conversation going. I have a few things to say, regarding some of your comments, but there's so much here already, I think I'll save them for another post.

Thanks again! Read on!

Survey Results - Spring Beadist Survey
Number of Responses - 246 (as of 3-18-10)

Do you regularly shop online?
Yes 222 90.24%
No 25 10.16%
# of people who answered question 246

Do you prefer shopping for beads and jewelry online or in person at shops and shows?
Online 143 58.37%
In person 135 55.10%
# of people who answered question 245

Do you shop for beads/jewelry at art and craft shows/fairs?
Yes 189 78.10%
No 54 22.31%
# of people who answered question 242

Would you be more comfortable shopping online if non-electronic payment options were offered, such as check or money order?
Yes 41 16.80%
No 203 83.20%
# of people who answered question 244

Do discount offers affect your decision to shop online?
Yes 196 81.33%
No 47 19.50%
# of people who answered question 241

Does free shipping affect your decision to shop online?
Yes 214 87.35%
No 31 12.65%
# of people who answered question 245

Do you make lampwork beads?
Yes 60 24.59%
No 184 75.41%
# of people who answered question 244

Do you make jewelry?
Yes 209 84.96%
No 39 15.85%
# of people who answered question 246

How many of my beads do you own?
None 38 15.57%
1-5 67 27.46%
6-10 42 17.21%
10 or more 98 40.16%
# of people who answered question 244

Do you plan to buy any of my beads/jewelry in 2010?
Yes 211 92.54%
No 19 8.33%
# of people who answered question 228

Do you buy imported lampwork beads?
Yes 56 23.05%
No 188 77.37%
# of people who answered question 243

How much do you typically spend on a bead/jewelry item?
Up to $20 40 16.60%
Up to $50 121 50.21%
Up to $100 83 34.44%
Over $100 26 10.79%
# of people who answered question 241

Do you buy beads and jewelry supplies to resell in your own designs?
Yes 134 54.92%
No 113 46.31%
# of people who answered question 244

How often do you buy handmade beads or jewelry, either from me or other artists?
Rarely - one or twice a year 49 20.00%
Sometimes - 4-6 times a year 113 46.12%
Regularly - once a month or so 73 29.80%
Often - weekly or more often 13 5.31%
# of people who answered question 245

Do you read fashion magazines?
Yes 113 46.12%
No 133 54.29%
# of people who answered question 245

Do you read bead/jewelry magazines?
Yes 195 80.25%
No 48 19.75%
# of people who answered question 243

Do you share favorite websites with friends?
Yes 216 88.52%
No 28 11.48%
# of people who answered question 244

When it comes to my work, are you more interested in loose beads or finished jewelry?
Beads 145 59.67%
Jewelry 5 2.06%
Both 95 39.09%
# of people who answered question 243

In my jewelry line, would you be most interested in buying:
Earrings 82 36.61%
Rings 41 18.30%
Pendants 133 59.38%
Bracelet Beads 111 49.55%
Larger Necklaces 26 11.61%
Other 17 7.59%
# of people who answered question 224

Of the beads I typically make, are you most interested in buying:
Large Focals 121 50.21%
Small Focals 135 56.02%
Sets - focal & spacers 91 37.76%
Sets - smaller matching beads 81 33.61%
Spacers 35 14.52%
# of people who answered question 241

Of the styles of beads I make, are you most interested in buying:
Flowers 156 66.10%
Lotus 115 48.73%
Lakeside 74 31.36%
Barbed Wire 40 16.95%
Hearts 78 33.05%
Other 71 30.08%
# of people who answered question 236

Do you like me to stay with my traditional designs, or do you like to see what new things I come up with?
Stick with the old stuff 130 55.08%
Give me new stuff 194 82.20%
# of people who answered question 236


Open-ended Responses

Keeping in mind that I do not do custom orders, is there anything else you'd like to add?

I've been following your work for years and love it. The holiday gifts this year
were very well-received. Erika

Mmm not really but laways love to see what is new

I love your beads and always enjoy looking at them on the website --- $$ are tight
so I don't buy as much any more - but I treasure the beads of yours that I do own
..... and I enjoy seeing the new items that you come up with....

I love your work, but lately I have been very short of funds. Love the hollow with
the stuff inside, very cool.

If I see something I want I usually buy it. I have a lot of your floral and lotus
beads. I am trying to plan for retirement so have cut back a considerable amount
. Believe me, it has nothing to do with your work. I also do silversmithing, so
have leaned away from those items.

Your lotus beads are amazing. I would like to see more of them.
Many questions were hard to answer as I would have liked multiple choice, for instance
20&21. Your work is amazing and I'm happy I'm on your mailing list.
Best of luck in the coming months!

22. Mostly I like the old stuff but you never know what new stuff I might like too. :)
10. Didn't answer 'cause I don't know.
I love your older designs and would continue buying them but also love to see what
you come up with. It is always new and exciting. I would love to get your larger
beads but since bracelet beads are my most loved it is hard to get both when available.

Love to see your lantern lighted pendants (the ones etched) and more lotus's
in bracelet beads. Yeah for Kim Miles.
It's GREAT when other lampwork artists include a gift of small orphans or other
beads that might match or just as a token of appreciation.

nope--you are perfect! My favorite!!! Just wish I had more money!
PS:when I buy foreign--I don't mean crap foreign!

Almost everything you do, Kim, is outstanding, the biggest problem for me, being, money.
My dream is to buy a Troll bracelet and load it up with your beads.
Thanks for asking.

On q 21, I really like your luminaries - but I've been too slow to purchase before
my favorites are gone.
On q 22, both - how about some of the old stuff, but
throw in some new stuff too. Tease me with something new and wonderful once in a
My spending varies all over the place. So I could not answer #12 with the way it
is worded.
I love your "old" stuff, but the "new" stuff too. Your beads are such high quality
and your color combos beautiful

Hi Kim, great idea to ask your customers what they want. On #10, I wish there was
, an "i don't know" when buying other lampworkers beads, sometimes there's a reason
- emotional attachment when I see it. that's how I buy them. Good luck!

Would love a class!

I just love your beads, your creativity, your enthusiasm, the quality of your beads
, and your huge variety beads...wish I could afford to buy more...but I ALWAYS love
to see them!! Thanks for the wonderful job you do and for keeping us informed!!
Would be interested in the answers you get. Hope you will tell us something about

Kim, your site is always good for eye candy even if I'm unable or uninterested in
purchasing something right then. When I see some thing that appeals, I buy! Price
does make a difference, but isn't the deciding factor.
Love your stuff and you are a marketing guru! Good job.

Do you still do memorial beads?
You rock with EVERYTHING you make!!!
I wish for people to buy lots and lots of my polymer beads
Then I could afford
a few of your beautiful glass ones!!!
I especially like the filled hollows .And
I loved the ones you made when you started your "road trip" I longed for one of
those Grand Canyon series beads. I find your creations with bits of places in them
unique and Magical . Bead Happy, m.e. :)
Just keep em coming :)

The multiple and expanded views of the beads really helps me to make decisions -
keep it up if possible! Also, I love the little birds! They make great round markers
for my lace knitting - a double reward for reaching the end of a row! Be well
and prosper!
I like the old and the new. Can you do the bubble bead in a smaller size ? I like
the customizable (is that a word?) aspect and would definitely buy some ! : )

I love the necklaces, bracelets and small bags of very small beads. It would be
great if they could continue to be in your shop when you are in the mood to make
them. I also love the Lakeside series. I am enjoying watching the evolution of
these beads. They are fantastic!


I love your work--my selfish collection of Kim Miles beads is a topic of conversation
with my husband frequently.

I think that your move from Taos took something
away from the casual viewer. "Ohhhh, it's from an artist in Taos" (We go through
that in OK.) Your quality is so much more than the imported-but some can't see
that. I refer people to you all the time. Every time I wear something of yours
it's a focus of discussion. You're great and I think this is a time which the
right door just hasn't opened.

I think you need more stories about you in various
magazines. I know how expensive advertising is in magazines--can you crack the
code with Facebook to drive people to you?

{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}} Holly

I miss the flowers with the Cz's but can only afford a center bead less than $50
.00 for resell. Most of yours I purchase for myself and keep as collector beads
. For resell I buy from Nancy Tobey, Bondi Beads, and on ebay.

Be yourself...your beads say so much about your character and sense of style. I
also enjoy hearing the inspiration behind the beads, and feel that it adds value
to know how a piece was conceived.

I really like the Luminaria line you started. The Lakeside is beautiful too. The
"Classic" Kim beads are nice, but I have quite a few of those. I never cease
to be amazed at your creativity. The biggest problem with your beads is that I
can't bear to part with them! OMG! The bead lust is overwhelming me just thinking
about it! LOL

Kim, I love your beads and love your letting us into your life. My "need" for beads
is only for myself and gifts and lately I have been spending my time (and money
)in painting and genealogy. Your lotus beads are spectacular and I felt that when
you "dumbed" down your beads to find another market you lost the high expectation
artistic market you had created. I do understand economics forces us to do what
we may not want to but you are an artist. Jacki

You make some of the most beautiful beads and your work is like art..Not beads...
I always forward your emails to my bead friends...
I have to think about what to add. i will email you later with an answer to this

I realize that an artist such as you gets bored and wants to create anew. Look at
picasso. But I can earnestly say I like Picasso's earlier work more than his later
stuff - same with you- with the exception of the geisha beads, which I thought
were amazingly beautiful and original, my heart will always be moved and opened
a new by your flower beads. As well they fit into what I would create for myself
as well as what I would sell if I ever get a chance to get to that point- other
things keep me tied up for now.

I gotta be honest - for the most part, I am
not interested much in anything but your flower beads.

Keep making beads - especially for troll bracelets. I enjoy your current designs
but I love new things so go for it!

I love your work and truly wish that I could purchase more. I own two of your beads
. Don't stop doing what you currently do, but I also love many of the new things
you've been doing this past year. You're amazing!
I'd like to see you offer flower beads with the detail that used to be in the beads
. No one else could make them like you did and they always sold out in a few minutes

I know these are hard time keep up the the good work and let your spirit guide you
. Claire

Loved the Sacred Heart pendant sold to me on back in October 2007. Husband
kept it in the divorce :( and I have guided myself to "let it go" -- but ;D will
watch for similar in your future offerings. I love your "old" styles, the rose,
lotus, and other florals, but I love your inventiveness too. For instance, CUPCAKES
! :D

I know you'll continue to evolve even as you freshen or revisit old designs
, and I look forward to all of it. All manner of blessings and sweetness to you
and yours; thank you for always inspiring and inspiriting! Cheers, K

I like your "old" stuff, but am always quite pleased when you try new designs. I
know it can be quite discouraging as an artist when the new designs don't get purchased
quite as quickly as your original style, but keep on challenging yourself. If the
new designs don't sell quickly, maybe put them on Etsy at a discount? BTW- the
Etsy shop is a great idea that reaches more folks. Your reaching for new designs
is an inspiration. EVERYTHING EVOLVES- including art and artists!(and I NEVER EVER
buy imported lampwork unless you count Linda Gold in Vancouver, BC!)

I love your style, keep it up!

I love your abstract interpretations as much as your florals. I like the idea of
your faux gems in rings - like the ruby one that is too big for me. I generally
prefer translucent to opaque beads. Norine

Something original that incorporates semi precious stones.
I have some beautiful beads from years ago, and have had them made into necklaces
and given as gifts, always received and seen with great admiration. It is hard
to see with a closeup photo -- your site used to have more jewelry posted, and gave
us ideas on how to create beautiful pieces from the single beads. And, I must
note (a colleague who created the jewelry from my single beads agrees) the older
stuff seemed to be made with more care. We both have the little color-changing
purply/blue goddesses from your necklace raffle years ago. I have a trillumn that
is perfect -- still in its tissue and I take it out and roll it around -- and a
disc lotus/fireglow colors that is now a lovely necklace. One of your old lotus
designs (not flat) hangs around a former employees neck as a single statement,
and she still wears it five years later. I did not mind paying $100-125 for those
beads because I bought them for a lifetime. But, I do have a lot of them now,
so haven't bought anything for awhile, but I love reading about your adventures
so still subscribe and still take a look when you send an email. Liz --
in Woodinville, Washington...down the road from Seattle!

I like all the many different styles of beads that you make. I appreciate that
you are an artist and make what you are called to make.
....just, when I began lampworking at age 54 in Feb/05 you were the first lampworker
/beadist I visited online & I fell in love with your stuff......and try to treat
myself once in a while to your beautiful beads....yours in beads, Cyndi

I love your stuff I just need to start working again ( been out of work 6 months
) to buy more.

I love your work...have for YEARS....and have MANY beads of yours : ) It is only
the economy that has forced me to be very, very careful with my purchases. That
's why I am only going for the less expensive items now. Still watching for that
perfect lakeside bead that I must have!!! I love the diversity that you do as
well!! Forge ahead, PLEASE!!!

Purple - !

Kim, I hope to buy your personalized globe (smaller), in lotus design? - to send
you tiny shells & local Bolinas beach sand, crystal heart, etc., for gift for my
daughter - when have time/ $ to accumulate these/ send. Great idea!

Also, I'm not good at multiple choice - so many other answers pop into my head! : )
Please do more in the gold color since I do not really wear much silver.

I really like the new Luminaria line (something in a blue would be fantastic) and
proudly wear my Lotus pendant that I purchased to celebrate a new job. Your art
work is consistently beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

No, just keep it coming!

For a brief time you offered custom globes...I'd like to see those again.
Kim, I have no problem buying your pieces online because I know your work and am
confident it will be a quality piece. That, of course, would be true for other
artists I know and have also recommended. However, buying pearls, and gemstones
online can be an "iffy" prospect and I wait for shows to purchases those type of
beads. Many thanks. Barbara

finances make it difficult to justify a lot of money for a bead.
I just want you to know I love see the beautiful beads you make. Haven't been able
to buy anything so far but I'm hoping to in the future.

My absolutely *favorite* thing about you is that you keep coming up with
new things (no pressure ) and then start playing and evolve ... when you
start re-making things that you think people want, I'm not so interested.
Kim... I think you are amazingly talented and I love seeing people do well from
doing what they love. :) I personally love your butterfly and your wave series beads
and your focal hearts are out of this world! I really admire your work

I have really liked your newer designs..something other than flowers, which I seem
to have a lot of. You are talented and create some very different designs..I sound
like a fortune cookie! I would like to see a wider variety of colors: reds, purples
. Thanks for asking!
keep up the good work!

I love your work and appreciate you getting feedback from your followers.

I just love your beads. I give items as gifts with your website link if I don't
have a card. I love the flowers and your new luminia(?, I would just like them
as smaller focals. I have cupcakes, donuts, and a set of the beads that are from
your daughter's drawings. I have hearts and vessels. I Love Kim Miles beads.

I think of you as the expert on beautiful florals and am always drawn to them first
. It is nice to see the new things too. But your florals are still my favorite
. I love the rings with the florals. I am trying to save up for the daffodil one
, if there will be one available then. Your pansies are a favorite too. They always
go before I can get one. I have one of your pendant vessels that I bought about
4 years ago and always enjoy wearing it. It is still on the satin rat tail necklace
, and I have thought it would be nice to get the matching beads to go with it to
make a integrated necklace. You did have some awhile back, but only one set and
I missed it. I think it would be nice to have those things that go together in
your favorites that people could get as they can afford them that go with the lovely
pendants you make. Then you get the sale on the beads that will make up the piece
, if people are making jewelry, whether it is for themselves or to sell. I think
kits would be a hard sell with the cost of your beads, but if we could come back
and find the matching beads at a later time, it would be great.
The best of luck. I do love your work. The rings are great. Let us know how you like your
outdoor studio. I am getting ready to set one up too.

I love your work.
Just that my husband was laid off for one full year, things have been tough here
but we are slowly pulling out of it, it was a rough time....thank God he was called
back. It will take some time to get back on our feet, we're hanging in there....
that's why I haven't purchased lately, I just couldn't. Hopefully that will change

your beads are one of a kind...seeing many artists all over the us...yours are just
outstanding..thank you

I really like when you are true to yourself. I enjoy seeing all the different beads
that you make. Sure, I do love the floral beads, they are awesome, but I love
all the different types of beads you make also. The new stuff and experiments
are like limited collectors editions and i totally enjoy that!
Oh boy... You made so many memorable pieces over time!!
I love the "wow" beads
(large, fancy ones!) you make regularly, I love the little necklaces you make from
time to time: I have one I love, very simple, a small flower donut bead and a timy
silver bead on a leather string. It is so perfect, I think you should offer them
(necklace, but also bracelets) from time to time, sort of a limited series, to
celebrated summer, for example! It would work as bracelets too, to be worn alone
or other bracelets (or a watch).
Love your work!!

Love your stuff. Love the old type stuff, but the new is good too.
I love the older Beads with the rhinestones set inside! I miss them!
Love your
work though!
Hope I can buy some of your work this year.

I would like to see your smiling face in Seattle sometime.
you are great!

i ONLY buy lampwork from you, otherwise i buy stones, no glass.
lvoelvoelovelovelovelove, jeanne

more aromatherapy vessels (about 75% of what I purchase)

Love the Goddess themed work. :)

I took a class from you in Orlando.
Although beadmaking is a hobby for
me. I have been having more demand for my beads lately than I can supply! It started
slowly. I go monthly to our local bead society meetings and bring several cigar
boxes of beads that I made. I try to give a good range of selection and different
styles, from spacers, to focals and everything inbetween. In the begining and
when I was just learning I sold $0-$200 per meeting. Now I sell $400-$500 per
meeting and some women make appointments to come to my home and buy more beads during
the month. The only special orders I do are spacers. All the bead stores in town
have been requesting my beads after seeing me at the bead meetings. I can not
keep up with the demand.
After all, I do have a day job!
We have other Art
Guilds and Societies in town, like the Design Surface Guild and the PMC Guild....
etc. They are other sources for selling my beads, I just don't have the time.
Does your town or neighboring towns have Bead/Art Guilds that might get you some
local exposure? The Ladies that buy my beads seem to love to paw though the cigar
boxes and touch/feel them and drool over them before they buy them.
Your class
is the only real bead making class that I have ever taken.....for the most part
I am self taught.
Take care,

I have enjoyed your beads very much. Like most folks right now we are on a budget
and I am not able to buy as much as I would like.
Over several years ,I have only bought your beautiful floral beads, but I love many
of your other styles. I cannot afford many of them.
I enjoy reading about your
life too!
Keep up the excellent work!

Kim: We all are struggling and I know you are as well. Don't get down about us
not spending money. We are all doing our best to keep above water. You know, that
I own alot of your beads and still love them all. Tried to buy a couple rings,
and they were sold out...try to make more, please!! Love always, Anita

I love all of your flower beads and of those I really loved the "Julia" style best
that you made years ago. Your classic CZ flowers are always lovely too! The exchange
rate to Australia is pretty good at the moment but alas I have debts to deal with
just now, hoping things improve for us one day. Keep up the great work you do,
Regards, Jacque.

Your beads are fascinating because you do offer beatigul and diverse...I never know
what will strike me from your work...I trusst the quality and decisions you make
for offerring 'striking' designs...I know not to get too attatched to a particular
design as it may disappear and then reeappear new & improved....but there's a "
kim" standard that is always there...Thant's what I look for! Jeannie

I like both your old and new. I think a mix is best. Yours is my favorite site and
favorite beads. Beads of Courage is going well here. It is our 4th year and we
have Beads of Courage at our hospital for women with cancer as well.
I like the way you occasionally go back to the 'old' designs. I love the embedded
cz's. It's great that you do new stuff from time to time. There's a bead that used
to be in your gallery I think - had a whole stack of embedded cz's in it - I used
to love looking at that bead. I do tend to go to one place though when I get your
emails - I know you have two or more online places to buy. I usually just click
one link and then move on - and forget to come back to your email to click the
other link. Maybe having a link from one to the other on the relevant page might
help. If it's there already, I just haven't seen it.

As you know I don't use art glass for my work but I do love the beads I had for
you and they are part of my private collection. I hope this help in whatever way
it may be supposed to help. Bon chance! Allegra

Love the old and the new but especially love the flowers and lotus.
I love your beads; cannot afford them for my designs. I like the focals and by
the time I incorporate them into my designs the price is out of reach of the bulk
of my customer
I like your matt finished beads....I don't like the eyeball beads or the body-shaped
beads. Guess I'm more of a traditionalist, but I LOVE seeing your beads that are
a little more abstract.
Thank you

small luminaria beads. While I like your flowers and loti, I always enjoy seeing
your new ideas. Thanks!

You do awesome work! Keep it coming!

am not buying as much as i used to because i have so much in stock!
I love the florals you have always done - you do florals like no one else. On the
other hand some of the innovative stuff you have done (e.g., bubbles with sand -
wrong name - sorry) I also like a lot. I like the organics you have been doing lately
but most people are pretty good at that so that work doesn't stand out in the same
way some of your other stuff does. However, everything you make is a cut above
most so it doesn't really matter. Take care, Nancy
Occasionally I buy beads. But mostly I like to look at the ones you have designed
for us. I was especially interested in the "bottles". The ones that you put sand or keepsakes into.
I do love your postings.
Thank you so much.

It would be nice if there were a wider price point for the beads. I realize you
need to make your living, but is it possible to make some beads in the $10 to $
20 range? Not the extra fancy ones, which I love, but nice ones for bracelets,
etc. Would it be worth your while at all to do this? I LOVE your "fill 'em up"
clear beads--and one of these days hope to own one. Thanks for the chance to "talk
" to you. CJ

I know a lot of bead artist are selling tutorials on "how I made this" I'd buy
if you were interested in selling them.
I'd like to see some old designs resurface in matching earrings, etc. I find it
frustrating that I collect a few of the beads hoping to get an entire bracelet
or matching earrings, only to see you move onto something totally different and
I cannot finish my bracelet. You rarely do troll beads that match what i have from

Absolutely love your beads and wish I could afford to own lots of them. You do beautiful

Your work is unbelievably beautiful and I would buy everything you make it I could
. Unfortunately, with the economy in the tank my designs cannot include expensive
handmade beads. Hopefully, that will change soon. Thanks, Joyce

Hi Kim, I enjoy viewing all the different designs. I started making beads 2 years
ago (for fun only) with no plans to sell. My purchases (for my wife) are typically
from the instructors from the classes I have taken. My wife bought many beads at
the bead show we went to in Las Vegas last year. Hope this helps! Larry

Lotus are my favorite, but I love the lakeside and custom bubble beads.
I love my little vial I purchased. It is black, with green, pink and royal blue
lines in it and I have never seen one like it again. I would like to buy more,
but have been helping my son and his family....because of the economy. I still
look at your items all of the time. Thanks!

You needed a "both", "sometimes" or "not applicable" on some #'s such as #2 - it
depends on the item and who the seller is, I may buy online; #5 depends on the
item....such as Amazon, I love the discounts and free shipping, #10 I don't plan
on buying anything this year due to the economy and two boys in college; #12 -
can be lower than $20 or higher than $100-it depends on what I am buying. You have
tempted me many times with all sorts of beautiful items....but I just do not have
ANY disposable cash - and that's what I buy beads with. I am not willing to charge
on a credit card what I cannot payoff right away....therefore I do not buy. I
know this economy must be very hard for you - and it breaks my heart and scares
me for you...but I cannot put my life in jeopardy to buy something beautiful that
I really do not need right now...even if I would love to own it.

Keep 'em coming!

Your beads are so beautiful, Kim, and if I could afford more, rest assured that
I would buy more. I always enjoy looking and enjoying the traditional as well as
seeing your new creations. You're a wonderful artist and I truly respect your
talent and your philosophy of creating a better world. Thanks for sharing these
. Best to you, Dot

love the older stuff you used to do , like daffodils, and flowers, encased
I Loved the treasure globes. Thank you!

I think you would do better to keep politics out of your bead shop. After you introduced
the Obama beads, I was not sure if I would ever buy anything from you again...

I bought my first Kim Miles bead at a Tulip Festival street fair,when you were first
experimenting with florals. Your beautiful palette,use of dots for layering, the
depth and complexity of your beads,have kept me buying more.The poetry of your
beads and words amaze me, as has your positive attitude.I like that you get your
inspiration from nature, and your creativity inspires me to "keep on keeping on

I am not buying much at present because I'm overstocked and it's too cold to work
in my jewelry loft. Also, health problems for husband and myself cuts down on
work time. (I usually work when weather is good and he can go play golf)
I like both ... I especially love your cupcake items. I know, I don't
do custom but I do know that those cupcakes are hotcakes! :)

The OLD designs, as of 5-6 years ago, were the best in the world, and I have not
yet come across a person with a flair for flowers like you have.
You might be tired of flowers but I am working on a bracelet/necklace and I need
more purple beads. Both flowers and solid color spacers. I use your beads for the
jewelry I make for myself and as gifts for my daughter & best friend. I did do
a charity auction with one of yours and gave you full credit for the bead and quite
a write-up on the display. I even put one of your cards with the necklace. My goal
is to own enough beads to create a necklace with nothing but Kim Miles. I do like
it when you put 2 striking colors together. They sell out and I haven't gotten
one yet but I will. Example orange and purple. !!It was beautiful. I will tell you
I do not care for the barbed wire, hearts or the lakeside. I did buy one heart
shaped but only because it is purple.

I love to see your evolving art work as it reflects the changes in your life, though
I'm more likely to buy some of the traditional beads. There is always something
new that is striking enough to tempt me, and is often something I'd never have
considered until I see it come to life in a lovely, colorful bead.

I enjoy looking at your style and creativity. While I do make lampwork beads I
do not sell mine---they are just a hobby, as is my jewelery making. I have one
of your hearts---and I just love it. It makes me happy, and I think about you when
I look at it on a special stand in my living room where my favorite lampwork beads
hang. Your beads have your own "voice" in each of them, and it inspires me to
develop my own individual style, as you have. I have only bought one other bead
on-line many years ago, and I was disappointed with it and don't even know where
it is now, so buying on-line is a rare occurrence for me. I basically only buy
lampwork beads from teachers I study with, as kind of a souvenir from the class
, otherwise I make my own. However, your heart just spoke to me, so I bought it
. I wish you would teach classes!
So, you asked, and I told you!

Keep at it... You are doing a fine job!

Just thought I'd add that the strength of our currency against yours also affects
when/if I buy.

I had a beautiful vessel. I think it was an aroma tab, it was stolen when I took
it off at my lapidary class. I made it up with a lot of amethyst and bali silver
and often got comments. If you made that style again I would love to replace it
. Kylie

I like all that you make Kim ! Old and new, always like new ideas !
I loved your beads with swirling turquoise waters and sand with CZs - they always
sold out. I was only able to buy one of them which I will not part with! (I can
send you a picture if you wish). I generally buy abstract, more organic designs
but love your heart beads also.

I want to mention that I read your blog loyally
because you are such an inspirational writer and a lovely, open person. I think
some of your writing is so good that it should be published. You help me to see
what is important in life. Thank you.

First, your beads are gorgeous. All of them. I prefer normal round shapes in large
focals or small focal sets, and I love the sparkle of czs. I'd love to see more
beads with lots of placed czs, whether the glass is flowery, swirly or whatever
. Yes, I know it's a slower process to place the czs, but you asked!

Left some questions unanswered because there was no Both or Unsure options
I bought one of your snowglobe beads in the soft pink. Reminded me of a pink Xmas
tree we had when I was a kid. LOVE it. You are so creative that I am excited to
see anything new you come up with!

Love the service you provide.
Style of beads I like, are abstract or random nature inspired themes.
I also
think people like things associated with cats, dogs, or other personal items or

Re barbed wire in jewelry, I find that item off putting.
Barbed wire
is only associated with negative things, i.e. prisons,
(I am a world war II
survivor, so I am probably more sensitive to it)

Good Luck
I love your work and if money were no object, I'd buy all of them. That having been
said, I most appreciate your memory beads, where a little bit of our wonderful
earth is featured. Thanks for your talent, inspiration and dedication. I also enjoy
your blog - traveling with you is a great experience. Love ya, cj

I have been drawn to your work for many yrs. I LOVE the lotus beads and would snap
up any purple ones. They speak to me and I an looking for another one to represent
the recent blessings and the changes as my life is opening up and blossoming.

Kim, I feel you are doing a great job. The beads you make (some) I've not seen many
others do, so being different can be an assest.
I am a huge fan of your talent. I really do love ALL your work. I love seeing
the new creativeness that you are always discovering and also look forward to the
rekindling of older, classic designs. The only reason I'm NOT a regular shopper
is due to lack of finances, but once I have a solid standing with some extra cash
, you'll hear from me a lot more. :)

You're wonderful Kim! There have been so many times over the past year that I wanted
to buy your beads and I just can't afford anything right now. Someday it will happen
again. :)

My answer to you for #22 is this. Somewhere out there someone will love both. Do
what makes YOU happy 1st then what sells the best 2nd. Crap flows down hill, but
so does happiness & I would must rather be responsible for covering folks with
happiness than crap.(although at times I have been noted for doing both in my life
;) Steady at the helm Kim, it looks like your doing fine.

This was a difficult survey for me as I have eclectic taste---I buy whatever I like
and don't seem to have preferences(an exception---not a big heart lover, but other
than that, I'm open to most styles/themes), other than the pieces be unique. As
for price---I'll buy things under $20 and over 100 if I like them. (In the past
, I had seen several of your beads that I really liked, but they were always marked
"sold". I'll keep looking for that special piece. Thanks!

When you first showed the hearts that you put ashes in I wanted to get one but just
not yet ... are you still making those? Basically I just love to see what things
you are doing new and old. Beth

I enjoy seeing what you are creating and reading your blog.

I'm waiting for the DIY globe kits. Anxiously!

I love your work as another lampwork artist I enjoy seeing what you come up with
! I cant do what you do,but I can dream to be that good one day,you dont have a
book out yet(do you?) so I cant buy it and look at my leisure so I have to look
at your site! but I enjoy reading whats up wit you too,I can see you doing lots
of cool things like being in books and having your own too,I would love it if you
would have a class close by,anyway good luck,I love it when you make cool beads
to surprise us with,thank you!,Mary

Being a fellow lampworker, I admire and love to see your new designs. I have none
of your beads, but it isn't a matter of not wanting any! I would kill for them
! I hope your survey turns out well. I answered the best I could as a bead buyer
, as I do buy silver findings. I answered based on what I would like to buy and
what I make for myself to use in my jewelry.

like small focal beads on silver chains when i wear yours i get a lot of compliments
..really love a small round lotus you made and actually gave to me way back when
we connected after all the is on a claw clip and i have it clipped to
a silver bead necklace looks your work....keep going love debra

Your floral beads are incredibly gorgeous with their depth and colors.
Pastel colors especially purple, lavender. Turquoise is good too.
Miss your cupcakes
Love them!!!! Keep 'em coming. Love your new luminaria series-magical

My favorite beads are your lotus beads with the double row of petals. Years ago
you did one in a bright, almost hot pink color with some glass you said was rare
. I've been waiting ever since to see you make another one. I've seen the more pastels
, but haven't seen the bright pink again. Thanks for what you do with Project Mercy
Keep the great work coming!!!!:)

I like the variety and the way your designs evolve.
I like the rings you make, however would be thrilled if there were more in larger
sizes. I wear 9-11. Also, would prefer a variety of large beaded rings and smaller
beaded rings, i.e. just because the ring size is large, doesn't mean the bead has
to be. Hope that makes sense.

Nope, still love the cupcake necklace and would love to own more one day for all
my friends.

love your beads,although I have not purchased any, I truly wish that I could. mauinly
when i do buy beads, it is mostly to make stuff for myself, and maybe a few friends
& family. Love the work you have done in the past, but I am always open to your
newer styles. keep creativity flowing, it is always a pleasure for "eye candy" !!!

Kim, You are very inspiring to us "wanna-bees" with your creative spirit and the
way you run your business. Keep up the good work!!

I love seeing the new things you come up with! Keep on creating, it's AWESOME!!!!
I would like to buy your beads in the next year.
I have not had the opportunity
to buy from overseas.

I love your work and if I had the $$ I would purchase many of your beads! I enjoy
watching your evolution as an artist and I also enjoy seeing your older designs
. Thanks for sharing your work so freely :)

I enjoy your designs and your blog.
Just wanted you to know that the reason I don't buy more beads from you is because
by the time I get to the bead store everything is sold. I keep checking though

given your love of painting, and my upcoming move into doing custom wedding orders
,I think it would be interesting to do some collaborative work. One of my primary
interestsis in wedding tiaras. This may not work for you, but we can chat more
and I can send you pictures. We will see where I am when the lease is up in JUly
. susanne (I know I still owe you some tatting...)

The beads that I have of yours are the ones that you so very kindly gave me. There
was a tiny imperfection in one of your pieces - a kettle pin - and with that you
added two more beads (all of them beautiful)and sent them to me. You wouldn't even
let me pay the mailing costs. You are a lovely,talented, warm-hearted, generous
lady and I love your work. I really enjoy reading your blog and learning about
everything that you do, especially the causes that you support and work for so tirelessly.
God bless you and your family!! In appreciation Pubali, New Delhi, India

I would love to have a bead like the one you did with tiny beach stones in it!

I love the beads with CZs in them. And though you no longer do them, I love the
memorial beads you did for me with my late husband's cremains.

Would be nice to be able to enter your promotions/giveaways without being forced
to set up some sort of 3rd-party account (Google, etc.)
I will buy imported lampwork beads if they are artisan created and from an etsy

It's a tough time for all of us. I for one am trying desperately to
pay my bills and using up all of my savings. I won't give up if you won't give
up! yikes.....carry on!
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