back to camp

Just a few more pictures from our days off. The Oregon coast was at its best for us. This was the kind of day that tricks people into to moving to places that are usually foggy and damp. We know better, but we still enjoyed our time there.

We stopped at Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park for a little break on our way back inland. There's nothing like standing next to those big old trees to make a girl feel dainty and petite. And the smell of that forest... I could just plop down on the ground and roll in it... but I didn't.

Back at camp now, it's a hot and sunny weekend, with happy campers everywhere. Loud ones too, but that's a story - probably lots of stories - for another time. Right now it's just too nice out here in the evening breeze to do anything but relax and watch the sun go down. Not another peep out of me. Shhhh...


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