happy father's day

If you're on Facebook, you may have already read this little story, but it's too good to let it fade away into the Facebook sunset, so I'll tell it again here, in more detail, of course. Life in a campground is sure to turn up a lot of good stories. People are just so funny, aren't they?

Campsite #11 seems to have a magnetic pull, attracting families that remind me of Cousin Eddie's, in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. The folks in my story were settled into the tent site with their "tenement on wheels" the day I walked by, making my friendly camp host rounds. The pot-bellied dad and granddad sat in folding chairs, looking at the ground, barely glancing up as I approached. A pot-bellied dachshund and a yippy little terrier mix sniffed around for food, and two tiny puppies that looked just like the adult dogs scampered over to greet me. Do you have something of a visual on these folks?

Cousin Eddies RV 2009 Hallmark Ornament

So the dad looks up as I pet the puppies, giving me the opening to mention that pesky rule about leashes in the campground. I knew I was wasting my breath, but hey, it's my job. Then just as I turned to head on up the hill, a chubby little, dirt covered boy-kid came out of the RV. He had a very large, perfectly round head, and had apparently just gotten his summer haircut - a mohawk. He grinned at me in an endearingly toothless way, and waved a red rubber toilet plunger in the air, saying, "Look what I got!" I commented on the niceness of the plunger, and he added, "I got it for Easter! I'm a plumber!"

As much as this just cracks me up, it also sort of warms my heart. I mean here's a family that doesn't appear to have a whole lot going for it, but some adult was paying enough attention to understand this kid's interests. Sure, a plunger is an odd thing for the Easter Bunny to bring, but I just know that hunk of red rubber on a stick was tucked into that basket with love. 

Since today is Father's Day, and since I'm only guessing, I'm going to give that Cousin Eddie of a dad credit for this one. Here's to all the dads out there who take the time to know their kids. Let's all wave our plungers in the air in a flashy red rubber salute!


  1. Here, here for the plunger dad! Cute. You're a camp host huh? Where are you? My husband and I are camp hosts in Morro Bay, California. We've been camp hosting for nine months now in three locations. Come visit when you have a chance. I have two blogs: Levonne's Pretty Pics and A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings. Bye Bye

  2. You tell a beautiful story - I love this!!

    I still haven't managed to fashion a shawl pin elegant enough to display my Zsa Zsa Gabor button on. My experiments continue...

    Jennifer xox

  3. Thanks for connecting, Levonne! Us camp hosts have to stick together! We're in Ashland, Oregon now, at Emigrant Lake. It's beautiful here, but we miss the coast. No telling where we'll be in the fall!

    And thanks Jennifer! Nice to see you here, and I have total faith in your pin making abilities. One day the perfect design with just magically appear. Can't wait to see it!

  4. Hi Kim, I am following your blog. Of course I would love for you to follow either or both of mine. Thanks.

  5. That is a great story love the way you write.

    We will be following your blog.


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