here we go again

Well hello again. It's nice to be back. I feel a little silly, but I'm used to feeling silly, so that's no big deal. I've had a month or so to catch my breath, and to realize that I have some sort of need to write. Wanna laugh? As soon as I made that grand announcement about ending the blog, my mind went directly to wanting to blog about how it felt to stop blogging. Silly indeed.

But it wasn't only my yearning to write that made me come back. It was a lot of you, who so kindly sent me notes telling me you'd miss me. I really had no idea how many regular readers I had. Then last week, while I was visiting family, my sister's mother-in-law made a special point to tell me how much she had enjoyed my blog, and how much she would miss it. This really got my attention, and made me wonder how many people were reading and enjoying and getting something from my posts without my ever knowing it. I started thinking, Hey, maybe I do have something worth sharing after all. Maybe my own odd life is interesting enough to keep people entertained, and maybe even inspired in some way. So here I am, little blog in hands, promising to do my best for you. 

Giving this my best effort also means it's time to learn how to make it pay off in some way. Keeping up on a well written blog is not the same as popping off one liners on Facebook. It takes time, attention, love, and editing. I'm willing to do the work, and now I also want to figure out how to get paid for it. There's a lot of good information for bloggers out there, and I'm weeding through it little by little. One thing stands out clearly at this point. In order to get advertisers to notice me, I need a lot of readers. A lot of readers, as in 100,000 to 500,000 a month. That's going to take some doing, and I hope you'll help. I'm asking you all to be my Blog Pimps! Please forward it to everyone you know, and link to it whenever possible. If you have a blog of your own, let's do a link exchange. It's good for both of us! And if you know any tricks in this blogging business, please share them with me by email, or with all of us here as a comment. I'll really appreciate your help!

And so, thank you all for your encouragement. I am honored and humbled, and I look forward to whatever comes next. Here we go!


  1. Welcome back, Kim. I'm glad you're writing for us again. I've missed you.

  2. Glad to be reading you again. Missed ya.

  3. I'm so glad that you're back. My cup runneth over so much that I've had to get the mop out! And the link's in place :-)

    Jennifer xox

  4. Yay :)
    All the way from Canada - so glad to see you blog again - many thanks and may I share a cup of tea with you - steep green tea with ginger, lime leaf, red thai chili, lemongrass and palm sugar - (a little bit of love from Shawny Two Spoons the chef at Ariss Valley)
    Thanks for blogging! Melissa

  5. Thanks All! And oh my... that tea sounds amazing!!!

  6. I'm so glad you're back at the blog! I have to confess that every so often, I would go to the blog hoping that maybe there would be something new there . . .



  7. I certainly have had my share of ups and downs with my blog. This week the broken dryer machine is taking away much of my attention from my blog...was I meant to beat clothes dry on stones?::::: trying to recall a past life, here! --but when I am loving writing, nothing csn keep me away! Share links with ME! love always, glad you are back !!! xox jean

  8. Oh, Kim...SO GLAD you're back. It was getting lonely out vicarious thrills from reading posts of your gypsy-like life now. Especially LOVED the photos of your meanderings. You're FREE and now exploring. Lucky you. More, more, more. xxx/ooo Joshie-Boy (Jo)

  9. Haha Jean! I do a lot of laundry in my tiny bathroom sink!

    AND - thank you for the linkage Jennifer!!

  10. glad you are blogging again.....but i did notice the link to bead shop from blog is not worked before? little gliches to be worked ya debra

  11. Thanks Debra. I'll fix it! Little glitches everywhere. xo!

    And how about the comments from China? Not sure who they're coming from, but I always run them through my mac translator. Some want to send us to porn sites (I delete those), but most are some sort of ancient wisdom, not necessarily related to the blog, but possibly well-intended, so i leave them up. The one above says, "The hatred is a double-edged sword, injured others, injured itself".

    OK then - on with the day!

  12. Yay... You're posting again!!! I love the look of the new blog - and it's great to read about your goings on... and see the pictures! I was off on vacation - an almost totally unplugged kind - much needed... And am now catching up. I was so happy to see a new pic and post title on my blog list for your blog!!!

    THANK YOU for feeding your need to keep writing and taking us with you!

  13. So glad you're back, Kim! I've missed your posts. All caught up now, and loving reading about your adventures. (hugs) Patty


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