june at emigrant lake

Time for an update on the park. I think last time I showed pictures, it was winter, probably snowy, and the hundreds (thousands?) of oak trees were bare and spooky as a Tim Burton movie set. On Sunday afternoon the weather began to clear, after the coldest, wettest June on record. Friendly assurances that "this just isn't normal" didn't really help. We wanted sun. So while I cooked a nice Father's Day dinner (my amazing stir fry, which I will share with you soon), Rick sat in a sunny spot in the road and read a book in his stocking feet. He's earned it.

These shots were taken the next day, on a dog walk to the dam. I prefer to do my morning dog wrangling as far away from other people and dogs as possible. Lucy is a handful, but we're making progress. I think she's starting to see me as her Pack Leader. Even when Rick has her leash, she watches me the entire time to see what I want her to do. This is good, considering what a struggle the last 8 years have been with this girl.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned that the park is surrounded on one end by private property, and some very nice homes. This bit of fence always makes me happy as I walk by to see that little shed through the slats, looking like a beach shack on a coastal cliff.

Later in the day, after walking the dogs again, Rick and I like to go for another stroll to the lake, without the dogs, so we can relax and watch the evening light shift on the hills, and maybe sight a bald eagle or osprey. The picnic area is beautiful and grassy, and goes all the way to the lake's edge. You have to step around the goose poop, but since dogs aren't allowed in that area, it's not as treacherous as it could be...

This is our park. Our lake. We feel more of a personal connection to it the longer we spend here. We love it, and feel happy to have the chance to care for this sweet little piece of the planet. It's a lot different now than it was in winter, when we had to open and close two locked gates every time we went into town. In some ways I like it better now, with the park open and people everywhere. Most of the people are nice. A few are absolute buffoons, but we've found out that we can kick them out if they just won't behave. It's kind of a nice feeling of power, but still, it's better when folks are respectful of each other and of this beautiful place. Life is good here at Emigrant Lake. Really good. Are we lucky or what?


  1. Hi Kim..I've been following you for a few months and don't have much time to read all I want to. I'm on my way to BC now and am also in Oregon. I saw the sign of the park you're hosting on my way and almost pulled in. Instead of telling you on this space how similar we are, why don't you check out my blog..or look at it. I just love the Pacific Northwest. Do you know where you will go next?


  2. I'll be watching your blog as you roll along. Amazingly small world, isn't it? Do stop in if you're in this area again. We're here til mid-Sept, maybe longer if a permanent ranger job comes through for Rick. We'll know when we know... :o) As alway, we're waiting for further instructions!

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  4. And the translation from our Chinese friend,

    "Helps to push your blog shade d is dresses up, is I to the love"

  5. Thanks for bringing your blog back! =)
    P.S. I am still loving my cupcake jewelry!!

  6. Ah, Kim...so nice to have you back in the blog zone! I missed you, but truth be told I have been veerry busy for the last months. Sold the house in Michigan and made the move to Tucson to join my hubby. He's been here since Jan. so it was a happy reunion on Father's Day. My stuff is still in a POD on its way here, so I live quite a spartan life in a 900 sq. ft. apt. You really don't need much to live, but I miss my jewelry makin' stuff. I loved the pictures...I needed some green as the temps. climb to 107 today. You are lucky or what. Linda from Michigan now Arizona.

  7. Yikes! 107 is too hot! But I agree Linda - we don't need much, and I really do think that less is more. Glad you're home with hubby again. It's always more fun with your best pal!

  8. Blogs are fun, some more so than others. I have moved down in increments from nearly 4,000 sq. ft. to a currently undetermined sq. ft. 1-bedroom, studio, and office house that looks quite impressive from the outside. With each move I reduced my worldly goods by significant amounts - mostly by giving to my daughters. Until I landed here. Making a long strange story short, I am now adding to my worldly goods once again at age 70!!! Does this make sense??? Enjoy your lighter load, I doubt it will stay that way...

    The property I had been marketing on the Oregon coast finally sold for a small fraction of the initial value. Are you going to Coos Bay? It is likely nearer to Ashland and the beach is beautiful and very wide there. I love it. The property I sold is in Depoe Bay. Also beautiful if you have the time to go there.

    Good wishes on your journey(ies),
    Ruth Redfern


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