our little boat

I've been wishing really, really hard for a boat. Just a little boat to paddle around the lake in. No motor, no noise, no skis, no fishing gear. Just a humble, frill-free, small craft to drift around in. Living at a lake and not having a boat is like living next door to someone who throws great parties, and never being invited. You can hear the music and smell the food and peek through the fence and see all the fun, but it's just not the same as being there. Well, I finally realized that all the wishing in the world was not going to get the attention of the Boat Fairy, so a couple of days ago, I said to Rick, let's go buy a boat. It worked like magic! Now we're at the party too!

We decided on a sweet little blue inflatable kayak. Truly nothing fancy. It has two seats but only one paddle, because I knew we'd have trouble trying to paddle together. I'm told these are called "divorce boats" for that very reason, so we thought we'd just bypass that problem from the start. Besides, it's really more fun to go out and paddle alone, so we'll probably take turns a lot. It would be nice to have two of them, but I won't get greedy. It's just a cheap little blow-up boat, but one is all we can have right now. 

And look what it says on the side... RANGER! How perfect. I bet we'll get a lot of respect on the water in this baby. Yessiree - the jet skis and big scary loud boats will steer clear of us, uh huh. Nobody wants to mess with the Ranger...

Happy me. Thank you, Boat Fairy.
See you on the lake!


  1. John would love to have a boat here in the Morro Bay area. Have great fun! And look out for those motors!

  2. It's darling! With all that Ranger status you could have a bull horn. If you can't find a bull horn, you could get one of those South African vuvu horns. Have fun out there!


  3. From our Chinese friend:

    "Is it possible that to have the fool law in the law: “In an organization fool, Hengda in being equal to two-thirds.”"


    And yes, i think we need a horn! I've ordered a dry bag, so I can take my camera along for the ride. :o)

  4. Congratulations, captain! Inflatable kayaks are great! So comfortable, and resiliant. We've taken them on river float trips as well - they glide effortlessly through the rapids.


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