I remember learning to sew with Simplicity patterns as a kid, and noticing that while they may have been simple, they sure weren't easy. It seems to be the same with life in general. Simple living isn't necessarily easy living, but with attention and practice, it's a heck of a lot easier than what I've done in the past.

Our little life here is about as simple as it gets in this country. We live in a 29 foot trailer, which as it turns out, is plenty of room for the two of us, our necessary stuff, and our two dogs. I could make beads in there too, but have opted for an "extra room" to use as my studio. After all, we work in a campground, so it makes sense to do some of my work in a tent. It saves on set-up and tear-down, which in itself greatly simplifies my life.

I think the simple life has also led us to simpler tastes in a lot of things we didn't foresee. I'm finding myself less and less interested in anything complicated - food, relationships, clothes, hair, and even my work. Maybe it's the warming weather (although it's really taking its sweet time this year!), but I'm noticing that I'm less and less drawn to some of my complex, show-offy bead styles, and more and more happy making simple, beautiful strands that somehow just make my eyes happy. I no longer feel like I have something to prove. For now, let somebody else make the jam packed intricate stuff. It makes my head hurt to even think of it.  I'm much more interested in creating simple, beautiful objects that will somehow make people's lives a little more serene and elegant.

This could be bead business suicide, I realize that. I just hope my customers will ride along with me for a while, and embrace the simplicity. It's likely that I'll do the complex beads again, maybe tomorrow, maybe months from now - but not until I'm in the mood for them. I know that it never works to try to force something when my heart just isn't in it. All I do is make a mess when that happens.

So today it's officially summertime, and well, yes, the livin' is indeed pretty darn easy. I don't know what the fish and cotton are doing, but I know what I'm doing. Making pretty things, eating lovely food, and remembering to breathe whenever simplicity wants to turn complex. It's kind of a Zen Beadist thing. Simple... and sometimes easy too, when I relax a little bit.


  1. Simplicity is a great thing, and I don't think it is ever business suicide for an artist to create that which her heart is singing. Our creativity ebbs and flows, and just as the glass varies in color and style, so do the the preferences of those who love art. Just relax and let it your creativity continue to flow from you.

  2. Thanks Nichole. All we can do is all we can do, right? :o)

  3. Glad to see you writing again Kim. You really have a talent for writing and of course beads. I'm out here. I'm reading each post. I know it's a lot of work though as I seem to not get to my blog barely ever. Love to you and Ranger Rick.

  4. Scott says Hi too, but the post comes from me (Monica).

  5. Zen Beadist...I really like that!

  6. Nice to hear from you Monica. We're almost neighbors again! Hugs to you and your dear family!

    Rachel.... Zen Beadist is sort of a Taos thing... :o)

  7. Tao beads - now there's a concept I LOVE! Simple is hard (at least I always find it so) but so rewarding. It's so easy to get caught up in the complicated *nothings* of life - I'm a working Mum, there's unfortunately a lot of that going about sometimes!!

    Pretty but simple. I like this plan.

  8. Don't faint! I actually managed to read one. Like it. Good thinkin'. Simpler more betterer.

  9. Thanks Lynz and Mitzi! Here's to a lovely, simple day!

  10. Love your profile picture! Kim, we even have curly hair in common! Have a very great day there in Ashland. I hope the weather is pleasing and the work not too demanding. The Camp Host Housewife


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