Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Not only is it my Birth Month, it's my Birth Week, which means it's high time we started the festivities. A few days ago we got the chance to buy half price tickets to see "Merchant Of Venice" at OSF, and that was just too good to pass up. The play last night was great, and the theater itself is so much fun. It's like a trip back in time to Shakespeare's England, with it's tudor styling and open air magic. You can feel the breeze as birds swoop by the balcony, and hear the occasional dog barking outside the theater in Lithia Park, where dogs are not allowed.

I snapped this picture illegally, it would seem, just as the friendly announcer reminded us all to turn off our cell phones (duh), and that photography and text messaging were strictly prohibited. I quickly texted the pilfered picture to Lauren, just because I'm feeling rebellious this week.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I do not feel old, although I'm well aware that I'm no longer young. We can talk about that later. Today I've cleaned my house, sprayed lavender water all around, and think I'll go play on the kayak this afternoon. Birthday Eve is like Christmas Eve. It's an important part of the holiday! Celebrate with me if you like. Campground Cocktails at 5:00!


  1. Happy Birthday Kim! Sounds like you are gearing up for a fabulous celebration! Take care, The Camp Host Housewife (and Writer and Photographer)

  2. Well, the photo police have caught you. The pic did not open on your blog :-(. In any case I hope your birthday was lovely, restful and entertaining. Norine

  3. 7/9/10-Happy Birthday.Hope you have a wonderful day.
    Liz Ross

  4. Have a grand and glorious birthday!


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