I stopped for breakfast in Susanville, CA yesterday, after a two hour drive from Reno, and had a sufficient bowl of oatmeal and strawberries in a small hotel restaurant where we once saw Diane Lane and Josh Brolin. (Diane ordered oatmeal that day, as I recall.) I was disappointed to sit all alone in the over-cooled corner with my tea and porridge, no celebrities in sight. I had been all set for a lively chat with Diane and Josh, but I guess that was kind of a long shot, now that I think about it.

After fueling myself, I pulled my Kia rental car into the Chevron station at the north end of town, and whipped out my credit card. The card worked, but the pump didn't, so I tried again, and then went inside for assistance. I tried paying outside, paying inside, pulling around to a different pump, and running back and forth to the consult with the Gas Guy at the register at least 7 times. Nothing worked. I was standing there with my hand on my hip and my face in a bunch, ready to give up and try another station, when Gas Guy came out through the grimy glass door, and in a moment very much like the one in "Nation Lampoon's Christmas Vacation", where Ellen finally figures out that the secret to getting a gazillion tiny Italian twinkle lights to work is to simply flip the light switch, he flipped up the handle on the pump...

Angels sang, gas flowed, and all I could say was oh-for-gawdsakes, in exactly the same tone my Granny used to use when something just floored her. To Gas Guy's credit, he was a total gentleman, and did not laugh at me or try to make me feel any more stupid than I already felt. I assured him that I had indeed pumped my own gas on many occasions, but that living in Oregon, where it's illegal, mind you, to pump your own gas, had maybe spoiled me just a little bit.

Back in the Kia, I headed for Oregon as fast as I could. Back to where I can let the nice Gas Guys pump the gas for me, so I can concern myself with more important things. I don't know what those things are really, but it's nice to free up some time and brain power in case I should come up with something.


  1. Illegal to pump your own gas...never heard that one before lol.

    Just an FYI...I have a little award for you on my blog if you would like it and don't think it's too hokie :).

    Safe travels!


  2. I was chastized quite severely the first time I tried to "self-serve" in Oregon. But discovered I quite like the service!


  3. Penny - i have to confess to not really understanding blog awards...... dumb me! Point me to it! I'm honored!

  4. Strange that Oregon would still be service oriented. Can you drive for more than just passing in the left lane on a 4 lane highway???? t always seems like the simple things that can slow us down. I wonder what the message was? Perhaps it was expectation. Preparing you to accept what is in the moment and not searching for anything more!!!!!!

    Have a great visit. Entahs, Illaya

  5. Been there, done that, can relate! LOL


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