Thinking Small

Since we have a trailer to haul, we also have a truck to haul it. A big truck. I'll drive it when I have to, but I really don't like it. Ashland is a small town with small streets and even smaller parking lots. The truck makes me feel like a big mean dumb bubba, rumbling through town with my noisy diesel engine. People turn to look. The truck scares them, in their pleasant little mommy-cars, their Volvos and Subarus and Smart Cars. I try to smile and wave and look as friendly as possible. I want to assure them that this truck is not an extension of my personality or nature. I probably look like an old rodeo queen out there. 

I've been wishing, wishing, for a small car. Maybe even a tiny car. An electric car would be nice. I want something that better projects who I am, and also fits better in a parking space downtown. I should have been more specific in my wishing... This arrived in our driveway the other day...

I'm already becoming attached. I'm wondering if I can drive it into town. I want to decorate it and give it a name, but sadly, we only have it through the weekend, which is actually a lovely surprise, as there's a lot of running around, and checking, and organizing to do. If I had to do it all on foot, I'd be exhausted by noon. If we're lucky, the park will buy us one of these for keeps. I'm wishing, wishing really hard...

I'm also fine tuning my wish for a "real" car. Pray like a lawyer, I always say. Don't leave anything out. Include lots of clauses. And always speak in positive terms of what you do want, never what you don't want. They manifest in the same way. The Universe hears us in sweeping, literal generalities. Like the time I asked loudly for a "break", and five minutes later broke my arm. I am learning to be very specific. And judging by the golf cart, I'm getting a little better at it.


  1. Have you read "The Circle?" I think it is one of the best books on manifesting and law of attraction. I need to reread it. I have it with me on our RV adventure.

  2. Ranger Kim and Ranger Heidi! You are both so cute in that little cart! What a friendly and welcoming sight. Doesn't Heidi need a vest with a badge on it, too? Norine

  3. I'm glad it's summer and not winter so you can enjoy the fresh air! It looks fun.

  4. Fantastic Kim !! You and Heidi look really good in that !! It's kinda what they use on a golf course, probably goes really fast, like Inspector Clouseau in his little van !! don't go near any swimming pools....!!!!!!!!! ;o) xox

  5. It IS a golf cart. And since I don't golf, it's the first time I've driven one. I'm in love. I want to keep it. It only goes about 20 MPH, so when the fast drivers get behind me, that have to just relax and take their time. Heehee............ ;o)


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