The Biggest Difference

There isn't a lot of difference between living in a house and living in an RV, except for the obvious restriction in space. We see that as an asset most of the time. There's little room to collect unnecessary stuff, it's easy to keep clean, and there's none of that exhausting running from room to room and up and down stairs. The other night I was standing in the kitchen, and Rick handed me something to put in the "office". I simply pivoted on my heel, set it on the table, and swung back to stir our dinner. To slightly modify Buckaroo Banzai's famous line -- When you live in an RV, no matter where you want to go, you're already there.

The biggest difference between the way we live and the way you probably live is that we have to empty our sewer once a week. By "we", I mean Rick. This is the one thing I find horrible enough that I might have to give up and rent a house if Rick were to suddenly abandon me. Today and tomorrow are Rick's days off as park ranger, and also our days off as camp hosts. We started the morning with a lovely breakfast that I almost couldn't cook, because the "swamp", as Rick so delicately puts it, was full, full, full, and the smell was anything but appetizing. I whined and grumbled, and Rick went outside to get away from me, because, of course, there's no place to get away in here. I shut the bathroom door, opened all the windows, breathed as shallowly as I could, and just made the darn food. I knew he wouldn't drain the swamp until I'd fed him. RV life has it's trade-offs.

Think about this, all you wannabe RV Road Warriors. When the "shitter's full" (Thank you Randy Quaid for that one), somebody has to empty it.

I think I might need this shirt, so I can sweetly remind Rick to take care of business... maybe before breakfast...


  1. One park we went to had a traveling poo remover vehicle :). That was heaven lol!

  2. No way, no how would I ever be in charge of the waste removal. NOPE! I'd take care of all my business in the woods if I had to be in charge of it because that way, the black tank would always be empty :)

    On days when the swamp is super full, you could have a picnic!


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