Breakfast Time

Last week we had breakfast at the Cape Cafe in Gold Beach, OR, and as usual, the dish I picked was the best on the table. They call it simply, Breakfast Rice, but oh no, my friends, it's so much more. After Rick "helped" me eat mine, I took another look at the menu and made notes, so I could make it myself. Back here at camp, we call it "Pancakes". I actually don't care much for real pancakes. They always taste good, but they hit my stomach like a grenade and make me feel awful all day. This pancake bowl has all the yummy flavor of some of the best flapjacks I've eaten, but since it's made with rice, it's light and comforting and very much healthier than a big ol' buttermilk bomb.  Definitely do try this at home kids. It's wonderful!

Here's the Cape Cafe's list of ingredients:
Coconut Milk
Flaked Coconut
Dried Pineapple
Maple Syrup

I changed it up a bit, with very good results. The Cafe used white rice, but I prefer brown. You can use leftovers from dinner, or make a fresh batch if you need to. A cup per person seems to be about right. Warm the rice in a sauce pan with enough coconut milk to make it a little bit "soupy". I used "lite" coconut milk and cut it with almond milk, but next time I'll use more coconut for its richness and flavor.

When the rice-milk mix is nice and warm, throw in the flaked coconut (unsweetened is best), nuts (I used almonds), and pineapple (I used canned, crushed pineapple, but I think dried would taste a bit better). Add a little maple syrup, but don't make it too sweet. You can add more at the table later. Then add sliced bananas - one per person is nice. Cook it all for a few minutes, careful not to mush up the bananas too much.

Serve it up in a bowl, garnished with a sprinkle of coconut and nuts, and a drizzle of maple syrup. Mmmmmmmm... must make more........


  1. Breakfast? Ha! Sounds good any time of day! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Zoe is right. I love everything in this dish. Norine

  3. Thanks for sharing Kim. It sounds divine!!!

  4. OMG That sounds devine! Must have some. But I don't know if I would ever stop eating!

    Kim, I posted your interview today. Your readers can find it at

    Thank you again for your generosity in sharing about you.


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