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Isn't it funny how the things that make us feel secure one minute, make us feel imprisoned the next? After  year away from our pretty little adobe house in Taos, it's clearly time to free ourselves of it. Yes, we needed to keep it this long, to give us an anchor to the planet. Too much freedom all at once can be terrifying. Knowing the house was there all these months has given me/us the time to understand that the stuff in our lives is what rules our worlds. The power of Stuff is unmistakable right now, as we prepare to break camp in a few weeks, and haul ourselves, our dogs, and our trailer back to Taos, for the sole purpose of dealing with the house. Maybe it's a "soul" purpose too. I mean, isn't everything?

I've already mentioned that we've lost our renters as of the end of September. We didn't see it coming, but we can handle it. I'm working night and day to keep enough money coming in to pay the mortgage now on a house we don't live in. I can do it for a while, but really what we want to do is sell the place, because now, rather than giving us a cozy feeling of security, it feels like a huge mud weight we have to carry on our shoulders. Nothing cozy about that. It's time to peel away another layer of the stuff we thought we needed. Time to sell the house.

So I'm posting a few pictures here. We'll list it officially when we get back to Taos. For now, drop me a note if you're interested and I'll send more info and hook you up with our realtor. It's a real adobe house, with 18 inch thick mud walls, three bedrooms, 1 and 1/2 baths, big studio/workshop, passive solar/wood/electric heat, vigas, 2 kiva fireplaces, one acre, partially fenced, shady side porch, patio with fireplace and oven, stone labyrinth, guest casita, beautiful views... and on and on. We should want to live there, but maybe you do. Here are a few more pictures...

The shady porch (portal)

Studio entrance and sunflower-lined driveway.

The "Pi Gate" to the labyrinth.

A winter view.

Come on in...

My studio take up only half the shop space.

OK. You get the idea. I have a whole Picasa album of pictures. Let me know if you want it and I'll email it to you. And please feel free to pass this along to anyone who might be looking for a home in Taos. I wish we could keep it and be free of it too... It's kind of like cake. You can't have it both ways.


  1. If I could, I move there tomorrow! Hope you find new renters/owners soon!



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