Hoop Girls

Rick and I have been traveling with handmade hula hoops since the start of our trip. We love them, but like so many things, we don't use them as much as we thought we would... sigh...

A few days ago, a couple of young campers came by and saw our hoops hanging on a tree branch, and they dashed right over and asked if they could buy them. Well, no... but you can borrow them, and, zip zoom, off they went. They liked the hoops so much, they asked if we could help them make some of their own, and a big YES was the answer to that. I just love to see kids excited about something real and hands-on and active. And besides, I really enjoy making hula hoops. Go figure.

Rick and I picked up some black poly pipe and connectors at the hardware store, and I dug around storage compartments at home to find the basket of of colored tape we brought along, in hopes we'd get the chance to do just this. Skylar and Jennifer dropped by this morning, and we got right to work. Sizing the hoop and putting it together are pretty quick and easy. (Learn how here: JasonUnbound) The fun part is decorating, and that's where the basket of colored tape came in.

The girls caught right on to how to carefully wrap the layers of tape on their hoops, and about an hour later, they were finished and ready to hula. Nice work!

I searched everywhere for my Hoopnotica DVDs, but for the life of me, I can't find them. I wanted to let the girls watch them for some pointers. I'm stumped. I know they're here somewhere. Wouldn't you think it would be easy to find things in this tiny place? Not so. I lose more stuff here than I ever did in a house. There are so many little cubby holes to stash things in. I know they'll turn up eventually, and when I find them, I'll watch them and get inspired to do some Hoop Dancing! Jennifer and Skylar look like they'll do just fine on their own.

Of course a visit to Camp Host Kim includes a tour of the Bead Tent. I showed the girls all my cool fire toys, and then let them sift through a box of little beads. They made key chains for their new back-to-school backpacks.

Oh... Back to School Time still makes me feel sort of nervous and excited, but man am I glad I don't have to go back... Awww, who am I kidding? Life is school, isn't it? There's always something new to learn, or an old lesson to re-learn. Today I remembered that it's more fun to use the hula hoops than to look at them hanging in a tree, lovely as they are as decorations. Thanks Girls, for renewing my hooping inspiration! Now, as for the rest of you out there, I have enough tubing left to make two more hoops... anybody want to come over and play?


  1. What fun! There is a gal on You Tube that hula hoop "dances". I've never seen anything like her - a real inspiration. Nope, I don't remember her name, but she could get those puppies up and running from a stand still on the floor with just one foot. And was she slim! Norine

  2. The one from England? I think i posted a link to her about a year ago. I want to BE her!

  3. How fun!! You are hands on! I want to send a bead to a new mommy and daddy to be. Someone is making a necklace for them out of beads from family and friends to remind them of how much love and support the new baby will have in the world. I will look at your website for a bead.

  4. How Cool! Another hooping RV family!
    We've been traveling for a year now in a renovated school bus giving free hooping classes: http://superhooper.org/BookMyFreeClass

    Don't miss this wonderful unschooling RV family, who has several blogs, including a new one about hooping: http://thehappyhoop.com I think they're out your way now ... make contact!

    Thanks for the blog :-)

    My hoop blog: http://superhooper.org/hooposophy

  5. Hi Kim!
    We are the family that Lara speaks of :-) So funny, I was just coming to comment and she already beat me to it! We are headed out to Portland/Eugene and then to California in late September. Can't wait!


  6. P.S. Did you know this blog post made it on to Hooping.org? :)

  7. Hi Sara! Sounds like we'll just miss your visit to Oregon, but who knows - maybe we'll still be here when you come through. It would be fun to meet you!

    Love the hooping connections today!

  8. Hi, I saw your post on hooping.org. It's fun to find some other people on a trip we can relate to!

    We're living the camper life in Mexico - I brought 3 hoops with me and have had so much fun sharing them with kids and adults all over the country.

  9. We haven't seen a single RVing hooper in over a year. Obviously we haven't found "our" people yet! Glad to know you're all out there!


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