Moon River - Take 1

I got my new harmonica yesterday, and I don't want to do anything but play it now. I am head-over-heels in love with this dear little instrument, and I think I might actually have a chance of breaking the I'm Not Musical curse. The internet has been a big help. I researched different types of harmonicas, read the reviews on various brands and models, and then ordered a Lee Oskar in the key of C. Today I also ordered Harmonica For Dummies, because I don't want to always have to use my computer for a lesson. There's a lot of good free info online, but I wanted a book too.

Last night I wandered around the web a while, and found JP Allen's page, which I really like, but can't afford the almost $300 for his DVDs just now. I'm gratefully making use of the free videos he has to offer, and we'll see how I do. Next I stumbled across Jack's Harmonica Page, which offers a lot of easy songs for beginners to practice on and gain confidence. I clicked to Moon River, and have been obsessed with it for almost 24 hours now. I will get good at this. For now, I can at least hit most of the notes, most of the time, and Rick could actually tell what I was trying to play. That's a lot more success than I had trying to teach myself to play the violin!

If you are feeling very tolerant or very bored, you can play this video of me playing Moon River. Warning: It is awful.
But it's a marker of where I'm starting, and if I ever get better, it will be fun to look back at. For now, I offer myself for public humiliation. I hope you'll be inspired to get yourself a harmonica and join me.


  1. Hi there!

    WooHoo we are follower #160!! =)

    The harmonica is a beautiful instrument and is fun to learn how to play. We have had many generations of family members play and it's pretty addicting once you pick up on it. You are off to a very good start! Keep it up!

  2. WOWWEEZOWWEE!!!!!You're great!!! Keep it up!!!

  3. Delightful! Makes me want to get mine out! Good luck.

  4. wow I am so impressed! lovely! you go girl! watch out, Toots Theilemens!!!

  5. much applause! :-D


  6. Bravo!!!! What fun you are having this summer this makes up for those bad campers.


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