Yes Day

We had the most amazing Yes Day yesterday. The kind of day where everything goes right, which seems odd enough in these chaotic times. But to make it even weirder, we were in Medford. Not Paris, or Bora Bora, or Disneyland. Medford, Oregon. Just goes to show, the magic can happen anywhere.

We were in search of a solution to a cracked shower floor problem. We'd originally thought we'd just replace the tub, faucet, and shower walls, but quickly found out they want twice as much for miniature, poorly made RV parts as they do for regular bathroom stuff. We were looking at over $500 to fix our tiny Barbie-sized bathroom, so we decided to get creative. I'll do a "before and after" set of photos when we actually get around to getting this done. The real magic of yesterday was how many people we ran across who really wanted to help us. We hopped from RV repair places to boat repair places to Lowe's and Home Depot, and in every single place, we found someone helpful. Astonishing! We became almost giddy driving through hot Medford traffic, like we were on some kind of treasure hunt. Yes! Got the next clue! Let's go! And for a whopping $41, we came home with what should be an easy fix for our cracked tub. Glory Be! And like I said, I will show you how we do this, because do-it-yourself RV repairs can be quite daunting, and I want to be helpful too.

In between all those stops, we also bopped in to Kohl's for a terrific grill pan to cook veggies on, Barnes & Nobel for some crochet magazines and a new notebook (I never leave home without my notebook, and I fill 'em fast), Craft Warehouse for yarn (I also never leave home without sticks and string), and Dutch Bros. Coffee for a drive thru "lunch" of a couple of iced soy lattes. The dogs were along for the ride too, and they were a good part of keep us moving. We had to be quick with all our stops, because we didn't want to leave them in the truck for too long. Good little travelers, our dogs. A day of ride, treat, drink, ride, treat, drink, ride, treat, drink makes them very happy.

We got ourselves home in time for the Friday afternoon camper arrivals. We had a lot of reservations this week for some reason, more than we have for Labor Day next week. The 8 sites closest to us were reserved by one group, and we were kind of nervous about that. Big groups can be trouble, so we watched as they began rolling in. It looked like families and kids. No big deal. And when Rick went to check with one of the dads, he found out they're here for some kind of Cheer Camp. Yep. Cheerleaders. Half a campground of perky, mini-cheerleaders, averaging about 10 years old I'd say. I was really hoping they'd do some cheering for us, but they mostly ran around yelling and laughing and being cute. Both of our girls were cheerleaders in high school, which I found quite dismaying at the time. My own personal teenage self was very much "anti-cheerleader", and I was certain my daughters took up the sport just to make me crazy, which it did. All that clapping and hopping and yelling in the house. Ack. I'm better now. More accepting. My apologies to all the cheerleaders I've shunned over the years.

Our Cheer Campers got quiet pretty quickly after 10PM, and then the only ones to watch out for were their beer-drinkin' daddies, who all seemed to have some kind of male thing to prove, and all built the biggest, sparkiest campfires they could, right next to the bone-dry grassy oak slope. Disregarding the wind and our requests to turn the heat down a bit, they just kept cracking beers and tossing wood on those fires. And another camper up the hill left her fire going and either went for a walk or went to bed. We couldn't find her anywhere, so we went back with a bucket and put her fire out for her. I'm sure she really appreciated the help. We left water buckets and fire extinguishers in the driveway before going to bed, so we could grab them easily if we needed to. What is it with white people and their campfires? This picture is borrowed from the Elliot Lake Fire Department. I'll have to start sneaking up on people and taking some Ninja Camp Host photos of my own.

Luckily, we made it through the night un-charred, so this morning I'll put all my fire fighting gear away, and will wave happily as all the cheerleaders (and their dumb bubba dads), drive away, leaving the campground half empty again. Seems like a lot of effort for them to stay only one night, but I'm OK with this. We never know who will wander in on a Saturday afternoon and fill those spots, but I just have a feeling the Yes Day will continue into today. It's cool and cloudy, which makes people behave differently, more calmly. And if we can squeeze a little rain out of these clouds, we might just have a most wonderful, quiet Saturday night. And even if we fill up, some water on all this dry grass will sure make it easier to sleep. Amen and Yes to that, my friends.


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