Arches National Park

I have to be quick here. My battery is about to run out, and I only have a few minutes of charge time in a little cafe here in Moab that's about to close. We went to Arches today, which is really beautiful, and worth another trip back to explore it further. One high point of the day was that Rick got his National Parks Senior Pass! Now we'll get into all of the National Parks for free, forever. That's what the ranger said - forever. So it looks like we have some traveling to do! It's handy to have an Old Guy around.

As you might expect, we saw a lot of arches, but we were actually more interested in some of the other rock formations, and the general gorgeousness of the area. I kept seeing "elephants", which I'm sure is very important in some cosmic way, elephants being Removers of Obstacles and all. So here are the pictures. Sorry for the lack of explanation. You'll figure them out.

We'll spend another night in the Elks parking lot, and then get up early and head for Taos tomorrow. If all goes well, we should be there by evening. We saw this little car driving through Moab this afternoon. It looks like fun, but I'm glad we have something a little more modern to travel in...


  1. Arches is one of my favourite places. The colours, the landforms, everything about it is magical.

  2. Wonderful!!! Thanks for letting us visit there with you through your pictures...

  3. Is the tailend of that car another "old guy" jab? Heee-heee!


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