On The Bridge

I woke up just as the sun was about to rise over Taos Mountain. Rather than roll over and doze, I wanted to get every bit of this day, so I jumped out of bed and grabbed my camera. We took our time getting started, drinking tea, eating stove-grilled toast, and talking with Karena. There's no hurry here, at least not just yet. Eventually we gathered up our dirty laundry and headed into town. Laundry time was painless, as was grocery shopping time. Then we wanted to just wander through town and see who we saw. We drove over to our house, and although we could tell there was a lot of activity going on inside, we didn't see anyone, so didn't intrude. We had hoped to chance across some neighbor-friends, but there were no cars or people in sight, so we went to the Fall Arts Festival in Kit Carson Park.

This was where we began to wonder if something strange was going on. We had decided to make a game of people-finding, and just wait to see who was presented to us. We saw two or three people we sort of know, but all of them walked right by us as if we were invisible. Since none of them are close friends, we let them go on by. Finally we saw someone we know quite well, and rather than risk her not seeing us, I walked over to her as she stood looking at a painting, and simply stood too close to her, without saying anything. She looked up startled, and then threw her arms around me, much to my relief. It seems that we are not invisible after all, but possibly only visible to the people who are "supposed" to see us. We are back in Taos. It's very woo-woo here. This is how we talk. You'll get used to it.

On the way back to the mesa, we stopped for coffee at a little place we'd never seen before. There were two other people in there who knew me, but didn't seem to remember that they did. Have we changed so much in only a year? One of them was the owner of the place, and little by little, he began to place me. While I chatted with him and his wife, Rick was talking to a couple from Asheville, NC, and before long, everyone in the place was talking about houses -- mostly ours -- and exchanging phone numbers. We even talked about a vacation house swap. Who knows... And I had to laugh when I opened my notebook to write down their names. I turned to the first page of  new book, where I had already written "Talk To Strangers". 

There are so darn many unknowns for us at the moment, and for most of the people we know. But one thing we do know is that we haven't come anywhere close to imagining all the possibilities for our future. I don't know is my standard answer to almost every question these days, and it's the most honest answer I can come up with. I really don't know much of anything right now. What I find interesting about it all is that I really don't mind not knowing. I'm excited to see what happens, and in total trust that there are unlimited ways for all of this Taos/House/Travel/Home adventure to unfold. I've given up on trying to figure it out. It's more fun to wait and see what's offered from the Limitless, because my one little mind is surely overlooking some extraordinary possibilities.

Crossing the Gorge Bridge on our way back to what is Home today, I snapped this picture. The bridge is 600 feet above the Rio Grande, and I love how it always takes us safely from one side to the other. I think we're at a sort of Life Bridge right now, and I know just as surely that we'll be taken safely across. I don't need to know yet what's on the other side. The view from the middle is pretty amazing.


  1. Oh, how I miss Taos! The woo-woo-ness, the art, the gorge, and the general quirky atmosphere. Used to visit every summer when an ex-relative lived in Questa. But, I'm an eastern girl at heart and after awhile I missed seeing green and longed for home. You should come to Asheville if you get the chance - 2 hours from me!


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