Points Of Interest

I have a new rule for myself. Always have a camera in my hand. Not just in my bag, in the truck, in the trailer, but in my actual, very own personal hand. Too many things are getting by in the time it takes to dig for the camera. Maybe it's not at all important to try to catch every little thing. Probably not. But the big things are amazing and worth sharing. I want you to see them. I'll try to do better.

My only hesitation about my New Rule is in thinking about the number of people we've seen this summer dashing to any particular Point Of Interest, screeching their car to a stop, jumping out, snapping a picture, and darting off again. They're like Hummingbird Tourists, always in a hurry, taking little sips and flitting off to the next feeder. They never really see the thing they came to see. Once they get home, they put together a great slideshow, and can say, I've been here, and here, and here, but so what? Merely checking sights off a list is not the same as stopping, spending time, and absorbing a place. I need to remember that as I wander around with my little pink camera in hand. Stop and smell the mountains. Then take their picture. There's plenty of time for both.


  1. Oh yes, I know exactly what you mean, and it's one of the reasons I like to travel alone. I like to talk to the locals. Then I get off the local bus when I see a particularly creative shop. I like to have lunch in an out-of-the-way deli and talk to more locals who may actually be from anywhere in the world. Museums and monuments are very low on my priority. There is always some humorous anecdote and almost always at my expense. But I was stuffed in the backseat of the un-airconditioned family car at an early age and could hardly wait for the ferry/barge rides across whatever river we crossed as we traversed the US. I love city busses - no subways, no destinations. Norine

  2. I have the same little pink camera! I love it!

  3. My photography teacher in college said "A photographer always has his/her camera with them." Many times I've been wthout my camera and I've said to myself, hey are you a photographer or not!? Keep on smelling the mountains, then shooting them.


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