Pulling Up Stakes

It took most of the day, but I think we did it. The Bead Tent is folded up, all the beadmaking equipment is stowed, and we're back to a reasonable travel size and weight. Our camp had started to look like a very shabby, semi-permanent residence. It was nothing to be proud of, and certainly not easily mobile. We had fooled ourselves into thinking that we could pull up stakes and be outta here in an hour or two if necessary. As it turned out, the actual stakes that were keeping the Bead Tent from flying off the planet were so firmly cemented into the ground, it took several hours, a good long soak, a shovel, and a pry bar to get them loose. Rick whittled away at the stakes while I pulled everything out of where it's been for eight months, picked through it all without a smidgen of mercy or sentimentality, and filled not one but two large boxes with more stuff to be hauled off. Mitzi and Ron did us the huge favor of coming out to get our Free Boxes, along with two folding tables and a chair. They can do what they want with the stuff. I'm just happy to feel like we can zip our pants again.

Another day, another lesson. This one is something like, If you're gonna be a gypsy, better not sit still too long. That, and stay away from the Dollar Store.


  1. Kim,
    That's funny! Now the next adventure begins! Hey, how have you amassed 160+ followers? I am still at 70 something. Really, I am interested in knowing. Thanks. Levonne

  2. Ah, followers are hard to get! I started gathering them back with the Greetings From Taos blog, and they followed me over here. Many are bead fans and customers, so I've really been collecting friends for about 14 years... looking at it that way, it seems like I should have a lot more!!!


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