Seattle, day two. There's entirely too much going on here to even try to keep up in a bloggerly fashion. I want to be here, doing all this, enjoying all this, and it's just not possible to write about it all.

Seattle... We lived here for eight years, back before Taos, and after Nevada. We got married here, bought and ran a pizza shop here, raised three kids here, and eventually hit the weather wall and fled before depression and mildew got the best of us. We have family here, and friends, and happy memories. And when we come back, and spend time with these people we love, scooting around town, doing all the fun things, and eating all the good food, it can be hard to remember that we really didn't like living here all that much. The rain, the infamous rain, nearly got me. There was not enough coffee in Seattle to hold me here, and Prozac didn't seem like a lifestyle I wanted to adopt. Sunshine was what I wanted, and we found that in Taos, but lost the family and friends in the trade-off. Why does it all have to be so complicated?

I don't have any answers. I'm just riding around in the passenger seat, enjoying the visit. I won't even venture to tell you all the great and small adventures we're having here. It's too involved, and even for me, with my fairly broad boundaries, too personal. I have pictures though, and for every one I post, I figure I'm saving a thousand words worth of work. These are mostly for the people here, who are sharing these few quick days. These are all people I love and want to see more of. These are people who will keep me from being seduced by Taos when we get there and wonder if we could make New Mexico work for us again. We have beloved friends, who have become family, there too, but Taos is simply Too Far Away, from so many things. We're at That Age where we want -- need -- to be near our kids, our families, maybe even our own shallow roots.

So where will we settle, if settling is even an option for people like us? I really have no idea. Seattle though, is very nice this week, so at this very moment, I'm living here.


  1. Ah Seattle, the city of my birth and the city of my love/frustration. It really doesn't rain THAT much, but it is definitely overcast from the end of September to the end of April - and that does feel like rain and mildew. I hope you were visiting Woodland Park - one of the world's best zoos. That little giraffe is sooo cute. And I've been and am currently in parts of California that should never be inhabited, so I hope we'll meet one day in a civilized, artistic community that has a moderate climate and access to family - is that so much to ask? There seem to be all kinds of journeys going on. Norine


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