My very savvy niece Joni, who lives in Seattle, and so is Very Cool by default, also does something technologically mind boggling for a living, and so when she gives me advice on Keeping Up, I listen. The other night, Joni said, Kim, you need to use Twitter... I mumbled some lazy excuses, and then Lauren chimed in, agreeing with Joni and offering to help me figure out this thing called "tweeting". We determined my phone to be capable, but I couldn't remember the official Twitter name or password I'd registered several months ago, so we gave up temporarily, and I got to ignore the whole thing for a couple of days.

Now today, as we drive across eastern Washington and will keep driving until we get to Somewhere In Idaho this evening, I have some time on my hands, and a good Mifi connection, so here I am, attermpting to become Twitter-smart on my own. I think I have it more or less figured out, but can't really see why it's something I need to do. Still, I'll try it out and see what happens. Remember, I have the dad who bought a computer a few years ago, transformed a special closet into a little office for it, and then refused to plug it in. Ever. He misses a lot, like reading my blog for one thing, because he's overwhelmed with the new technology. I fear that if I let it get too far ahead of me now, it will only be harder and harder to catch up. I want to keep up, and that means not only going outside of my comfort zone, but also outside of my makes-sense zone. So far today, I've managed to "tweet" twice from my phone, and also learned how to post a photo to Twitter, from my phone, via Twitpic. Amazing.  Out here in the middle of nowhere, tweeting like a bird.

I'm having some trouble connecting Facebook with Twitter, but I think I'll call it good for today. I'm already quite proud of myself. And I also want to point out that I'm writing this blog entry from a bumpy, moving truck, which is no small feat, especially for a non-typist like myself. If you're a Twitter enthusiast, my Twitter handle is "gokimmiles", and if I'm doing this right, you can also find me by clicking the button in the right hand column of this page. More ways of staying connected. Must be a good thing, don't you think?


  1. Love that westerly road in Eastern Washington. It makes me a bit home sick... Norine


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