Twelfth Night

Shakespeare is big in this town. I think Ashland would probably dehydrate and die without the theater season, which lasts for more than half the year. I've never lived so close to easily accessible live theater before, and we're really enjoying it. Plays are kind of expensive, because this is real theater, so we wait for half price deals, and even then, it's a pretty big thing for us to hand over the cash. We've seen 4 plays since we got here last October, and quite a few Green Shows too, which are free. How cool is that? You just show up on the "green", outside the Elizabethan Theater, and enjoy great entertainment for about an hour before the plays start each night. Wonderful. So civilized. I'm beginning to love this town.

Last night we had tickets to see "Twelfth Night", and caught the last part of the Green Show on our way in. We watched from the balcony of the theater, and chatted with the usher, who turned out to be an actor himself. Maybe you'll remember him. His name is Don Dolan, and among many other roles, he played Guy Lewis, a cop on General Hospital. And yes, I do remember him from the show. I used to watch General Hospital when my kids were little. Back when baby talk was all I heard for hours on end, I'd leave the TV on for adult company. The problem was, I got hooked on the soaps, and before long, my afternoon was a non-stop soap-a-thon of "One Life To Live", "All My Children", and "General Hospital". This was totally unhealthy, and I knew it. But it took little tiny Lauren to tug on my hem one day and plead, Mama please don't watch "All My Hospital" today...

Clearly it was time to quit and pay more attention to my kids. And you know, I got over it very quickly. I've never looked back, never missed those silly shows, and now I watch TV so rarely, I feel like something of a social outcast around some people. No, I haven't seen that show... whatever it is... and I probably won't.

I'll take the theater any day. Two half price tickets cost about the same as a month of Dish TV, but I really feel like I'm getting a lot more for my money. Not to slight Don Dolan and his career in any way. He's a lovely man, and we had a nice time chatting with him. In fact, he's got me thinking it would be fun to volunteer as ushers if we come back to Ashland to stay. Just think of all the great plays we'd get to see then. Hmmm...

And yes, of course "Twelfth Night" was wonderful. It was our favorite so far. It was beautiful and funny and well acted, and the weather was perfect for the outdoor theater. I don't have pictures. The ushers also have to double as Camera Police, darting here and there, telling people, No pictures! You'll just have to come here and see for yourself. Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Check them out online. And get on the mailing list, so you can get those half price tickets too!


  1. Oh wow - Ushering would be great fun! I love watching theatre… Around here, there are a few places that hold outdoor concerts (like Longwood Gardens in PA). If you are ever out this way, that's a great place to see…

  2. Hi! I was looking for Don Doland, I met him last year in Argentina and I would like to know if you have some way to contact him. Thanks!


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