Yet Another Change Of Plans...

I've just spent the morning writing a very thoughtful post for the RVegan Kitchen -- about meat, of all things. Maintaining two blogs is a pretty big job, one I intend to embrace very soon, but right now there are very many other things that need to be done, because, as expected, our plans have changed... again.

We thought we were staying here until October first, but we just got word that Rick has been cut back to 16 hours a week, the stinkers. I think they're hoping to get a bunch of volunteer them out of us, rather than paying Rick to clean up the park at the end of the season. But you know, we've done a great job here since January, and we feel our agreement has been fulfilled. We have other ideas about how to spend our time. We're going to the coast tomorrow, and spending 3 days relaxing, far away from the park. Then we'll come back and go at top speed for a few days, getting ourselves ready to roll, with all our worldly goods, on the 16th. We've been sitting still too long. It's time to go be gypsies again, and time to take care of business in Taos before winter settles in.

So here we go. I'm making beads like a mad woman, because I don't know when I'll have a studio again. And we have a lot of stuff to get rid of, because sitting in one place for 9 months leads to Dangerous Gathering of Stuff. We need to pass along some plastic furniture, decorative yard items, books, and extra dishes, which will break if we try to rattle them down the road in a trailer cupboard. Back to plastic plates! I love this cleansing process. And I am also looking forward to packing up the Bead Tent for a while. I need a break, not as in broken, but as in an opening that lets some light in.

OK, so you're up to speed here. I will write from the beach. Till then, if you want something else to read, head over to the RVegan Kitchen, and have a look at "I Realize There Are Still Meat Eaters In The World," where I chat about meat, meat eaters, dogs, gifts, and a great idea for what to do with leftover spaghetti, without meat, of course. Here's a hint...


  1. I guess I am a "fluffy bunny" since I am more flexaterian. I still love a good steak...hope you can forgive me lol.

  2. Good wishes for your trip to Taos. Sorry life isn't giving you an easy road for a while. It would be nice!

  3. Ahhhhhhh change...a part of life but one I don't take so and Rick are an inspiration for life's changes. They were so lucky to have you there taking care of the park’s treasures. Travel safe back to where my heart is......Taos.

  4. The cleansing process is magical! We wish you all the best!



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