Come On In

I have all kinds of fun for you today. I have so much to do, my brain woke up at 5:30, and rattled the rest of me till there was nothing to do but get out of bed and get on with it. 

We put our house on the market on Wednesday, promising to have it ready to show in a week. Friday morning we got a call asking if someone could pretty please come look at it on Saturday afternoon. Yipes! That puts the pressure on in a big way! We dashed off to Santa Fe for a few "staging" supplies, making sure to only buy things we want to have for the trailer once the house sells. We're putting air beds on the two bed frames in the house, and stuffing pillow cases with inflated plastic bags. I hope nobody decides to sit on these mock beds. We're not setting this up so folks can have a cozy nap time. I considered using the plastic bag trick on a wicker chair that needed a new cushion too, but that seemed too risky. I suppose somebody might want to sit down and ponder how much to offer us...

It turned out to be a longer day in Santa Fe than we'd planned, with construction traffic and seeing two bad accidents that had me just wanting to get home and away from the crazy Friday drivers. The trip through the canyon, along the Rio Grande, is beautiful and scary. The road is narrow, and you always have to remember that you're in New Mexico, and odds are, there's a drunk on the road somewhere nearby. To calm my nerves, I shot some short videos from the passenger seat. I'll share one with you here. You won't get much from the audio, since the truck rumble interferes with all the chit chat. Just turn the sound off and enjoy the ride to Taos!

And of course I want you to see our house too! Here's a link to the MLS listing, with lots of photos, and even a virtual tour. Peter Lora did a great job on it. The pictures are from a couple of years ago, so all the furniture is in place and the yard is looking good. We won't be dressing up the inside quite so much, but the cat smell has been taken care of, and it won't be long before we have the yard back in shape. Please share the link with everyone you know! You never know - someone might know someone who knows someone who's looking for just this house. And maybe the woman who's coming to look today will buy it. You'll hear me squealing from here if we get an offer this evening. 

Now come on in and look around. It's nice to have you here.


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