Exploring Taos - Part 2 - Dwellings Revisited

Halloween in Taos is more about the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos than trick-or-treat. Sure, the kids here dress up and demand candy, and a lot of adults get into the spirit of the season with costumes and parties. But the focus around town is really on Day of the Dead, a time when we celebrate and honor our departed loved ones, and also invite them to the party. Cemeteries are decorated with new brightly colored artificial flowers and tokens of a happy life on earth. Altars, called ofrendas, with photographs, flowers, candles, food, and special mementos, are set up everywhere from private homes to shops, restaurants, and galleries. Everywhere you go, there are reminders of the holiday, of the shortness of our stay here in this life, and of our connection to those who have passed before us. It's a holiday of celebration, not sadness.

One of the most festive shops in town is actually dressed for the holiday all year round. Dwellings Revisited, on Bent Street, is a fun place to visit any time of year. I was there the other day with my pal Deborah, helping her shop for a few things for her upcoming party. We were there for a long time, and I know we didn't see everything in the small but dazzling shop. We wandered around in a non-stop chatter of Look at this! Look at this! Look at this!

After a while, I couldn't take any more in, so I stooped to chat with the shop dog, Clyde, a talkative little terrier in a smart Pendelton Blanket coat, and then asked the woman working there if I could take a few pictures. A place like this is better described with images than words, so here you go! Enjoy!

 This beautiful ofrenda greets you as you walk in the door.

Oversized "sugar-skulls" make friendly greeters.

Skeleton figures known as Calacas, or El Catrin y La Catrina
depict the deceased as they might have been in life.

One small side room is filled with colorful Mexican folk art and crafts.

Another room holds some higher end art and home decor.

You can add special accents to your home, like beautifully primitive iron 
hardware, or intricately hammered tin switch plate covers.

You'll also find religious art, large and small milagros, and of course, jewelry.

Dwellings Revisited is located at 107 Bent Street, in the heart of downtown Taos, NM. There are so many wonderful shops to visit while you're here, it might be easy to overlook this one, tucked quietly into its little corner. Be sure to look for it! It's not to be missed! To contact them, call 575-758-3377, or email dwellrev@hotmail.com


  1. Nice promo for Dwellings Revisited. I sort of overdosed on all this while living those fifteen years in Tucson. But I've OD'ed on all the Halloween-time holidays. I'm not sounding cheerful. But sometimes I want to just be real.

  2. I just noticed your sponsors section. Good work. I like the look of your ads, the way you've placed them all together. Nice.

  3. Beautiful store! I celebrated DotD when I was growing up in Texas and still celebrate it here in Michigan. Even cooler is that both my husband and 8 year old were born on the 2nd of November :)! Now it is a celebration of those who have gone on before and those who are with us today.


  4. What a nice shop. It reminds me of eyedazzler ga
    llery in las Cruces NM, just a little smaller.


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