Movement Doesn't Always Show

Take a look at these two pictures. There's a slight, but very important difference between them...

See it? We moved. We're getting pretty good at knowing when it's time to move. The trick is knowing how far to go. We'd been talking about this micro move for a few days, and yesterday morning, Rick said, Ready to move today? Sure, says me. Any old time. 

It required shuffling some things around, stowing some breakables, unhooking water and electric, and pulling in the slider. Then we hitched up, pulled out of the driveway and across the street to one of the many town sewer stubs scattered along the road, since they came through a few years ago and took our neighborhood off its old septic tanks. Handy! 

I imagine our fellow RVers, along with the Practical and Generally Curious, may have been wondering how we're dealing with our black water while we're camped in the driveway. Good question. We use the bathroom in the house during the day, and when the trailer's Swamp does get full, we can empty it into one of these handy little capped-off holes. We have two in our own yard, but getting the trailer next to them is tricky. What we did yesterday worked great, but we won't want to move every time the Sh**ter's full, so we ordered a nifty portable "waste water" tank that can be filled and wheeled across the yard for cleanly disposal. Oh so civilized, and more than most of you want to know.

Moving on...

The next step was to back right back into the driveway again, but at a slightly different angle, so as to position the trailer closer to the water faucet. This makes it possible to use a much shorter water hose, which can now be easily wrapped with insulation to keep it from freezing if we're here into the winter, which realistically could happen any day. The high desert is nothing to mess with. 

This tiny move will make a big difference, and reminds me again of how small changes of any kind can reshape everything around us. A lot of things seem to happen to us and around us, without our consent, but we are participants in this Dance of Life. What we do matters. What we don't do matters too. It doesn't even have to show. Things as small as our very thoughts make a difference. Chew on that with your morning coffee, and we'll talk more about it as we go along...

So we're settled again, for now, in a place we can easily come and go from. We learned from our time in Ashland to guard against adding a lot of stuff to our lives. We're already looking at what we have in storage, and wondering what we kept most of it for. Security I guess. But now I know I will not feel less secure of I let go of a truck load of things that can be easily replaced, and a house too, for that matter. I don't need them anymore. That's security to me.

It was cold here last night. Not freezing yet, but close. We woke up to the sounds a passing mountain thunderstorm, banging around the neighborhood, and when I looked out the window, I saw a rainbow over the house. I would never have seen it if we'd been in the house. Wouldn't even have seen it if we'd left the trailer in it's original parking spot. Small changes matter. They always do.


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