Musical Interlude

Enough for now about my house cleaning adventures. We have a realtor coming today to put our lovely adobe on the market, although we still have a lot of work to do to get it showable. We're coasting today. We need a breather. We thought about going to the circus last night, but decided to stay home and relax instead. We had cocktail hour in our magic driveway, and went inside when the sun went down and the breeze became chilly. Listening to the radio while we made dinner, we heard the most amazing song. I loved it so much, I went right over to iTunes and downloaded the whole CD. It usually takes me three listens to decide if I like a CD or not, but only half way through it once, I'm in love so far. Here's the song that got me. It has sort of a circus feel to it, which is part of what grabbed me. We didn't need to go to the circus last night. Our life is a circus...

And now, for your listening pleasure, The Frog Threw His Head Back and Laughed, by Jenny Scheinman, from the CD titled 12 Songs. Enjoy!


  1. Fooey! I can't open this link - could be because of the age of my computer or my connection, but I would try even harder if you recorded yourself and Rick on the harmonica :-).


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