To continue a bit on yesterday's topic, because I keep hearing from more and more discouraged friends, I think it's important to say that I know I'm one of the lucky ones. I have Rick, and my health, and not one, but two roofs (or rooves--I looked it up--both are correct) over my head. I have plenty to eat--you can tell that just by looking at me! And I really do have everything I need.

After reading my post yesterday, a friend called to talk about all this, and to relay yet more stories of friends who are "in it," as we like to say. In It, and in it together, even though it can feel pretty lonely at times. We came up with something that seems like it might be helpful, at least to us. When we're feeling discouraged or picked on or just plain surly, we need to recognize it as something temporary, acknowledge it as some sort of guidance, and then go do something else. The New Rule here is No Wallowing. Yep, times are tough. Let's have some fun anyway.

There are lots of ways to do that--some more healthy than others. Sifting through the options at hand, Rick and I are going with Participation this weekend. Getting out there in the community is fun, sure, and it can also open doors we hadn't thought of yet. Taos is one big party this weekend, with the Balloon Rally, Halloween, and Dia de los Muertos. Some of our favorite events are still on the list, like the trick-or-treating frenzy hosted by the merchants of the John Dunn Shops and Taos Plaza, always held on Halloween, and who cares if it's a school night! And our friends Deborah and Thomas are hosting their famous Dia de los Muertos Poetry Party on Saturday night. The poetry theme this year is Haiku, and the honored dead poet is Basho. The costume theme for this particular party is "wear the written word." This, and attempting to come up with a passable haiku or two have really been great for keeping my mind busy. No time for worries. I have poetry to write! Maybe I'll share some after the party, along with pictures of my costume, which is just now starting to gel in my mind, after weeks of thought.

Looking through the Taos News yesterday, we spotted something about the first ever Taos Zombie Stagger, which is to be held tonight. Irresistible! Who wouldn't want to see a parade of zombies stumbling around the Plaza? And furthermore, who wouldn't want to participate? We are so in! We dashed over to the new Walgreen's, and picked up some scary masks. As soon as I got mine home, I started customizing it. I will be a most fabulous zombie. You'll see. I promise pictures!

We also thought about taking our dear little Heidi along. She loves a parade as much as anybody, but then I thought maybe it would be too scary for her. A zombie costume for a wiener dog is a little tricky too, but I did find her little bumble bee outfit in the Halloween Box we had in storage. I guess we could call her a Zom-Bee... (haha)... But what we'll probably do instead is take her with us on Sunday to see the town kids on the Plaza. Heidi loves kids, and they love her too, especially when she's all dressed up.

So here we go. Time to get out there and do some serious participating.  I know I said last year that Ashland does an even better Halloween than Taos, but I might have to eat my words after this weekend. Either way, I plan to dig in and enjoy myself. If you're hesitant about participating in your own town, I urge you to give it a try anyway. Put on a costume and go be silly. If you're feeling crummy, it will help you feel better. If you already feel good, it can still get better! And, if you wear a mask, nobody will ever know it was you out there dancing like Michael Jackson. 


  1. A little red, green, and grey paint, a pair of scissors and you can zombie-ize the bee costume. I saw it done with Barbies in the high school.

  2. bravo, my best model!!!

  3. No Wallowing for sure! But are you sure about Heidi's compliance. She looks a little dubious to me... Zom Bee is really bad, Kim. Norine


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