Last year, while visiting our beadmaker friends Jim Jones and Lani Ching in Portland, OR, I spent a little time in their studio, showing Jim how to put rivets in beads with a Bead Press. Jim Moore Tools makes this amazing device, as well as lots of other great things for glass artists. I just love mine. I was never much of a tool girl before I started making beads, but now the perfect tool can make my heart sing like a walk in the park in new shoes.

A few days ago, a little package arrived in the mail. It was from Jim Jones. It was a bead. Oh-my-dear-lord-in-heaven-with-all-the-singin'-and-dancin'-angels, what a bead... Jim's note thanked me for helping him figure out the riveting thing. And this bead is where he went from there...

He calls these Steampunk Beads, which is exactly what I'd call them. They're every bit as intricate and gorgeous and amazing as Jim's glass beads. In fact, as I look through the Bead Gallery on Jim and Lani's  long-awaited new website, I see that some of the Steampunk Beads have glass in them too. This all falls firmly into the I Wish I'd Thought Of That category, and I'm really glad Jim did.

If you're quick, I think you can catch Jim and Lani at the BABE Show in Oakland, CA today. If not, do visit their website. These two are not only dear friends of ours, they're a couple of the best darn beadmakers this side of... anywhere.


  1. Having seen the bead in person, and now checking out the tool, all I can say is SPECTACULAR!!!! I want ONE OF THOSE PRESSES!!!!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Come over and try mine out. It's a way cool tool!

  3. There are so many wonderful and fun things to do and experience. I need another life to get it all in! Thanks for exposure to Steampunk Beads!

  4. I love Jim and Lani! It's been fun to watch his "steampunk" beads evolve.

  5. Went to the Babe Show Saturday. These beads snapped my head around when I caught a glimpse of them. Wow! I loved them. I want one. OK, I want more than one. On my list of future acquisitions. :)

  6. Oh my gears and sprockets! Love that bead!


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