Let It Snow

We had our first dusting of the season yesterday afternoon. We sat in the house, by the big windows, and cheered for each flake as it danced and landed gently in the yard. I love snow this time of year. I love it a whole lot less in the spring, but right now, snow means holidays, friends, family, celebrations, calm, joy, peace, hope...

I started putting Christmas/Holiday music on my iPod a few days ago. I add to it a little every day. We have over 50 Holiday CDs, which I know is excessive, but I imagine we'll buy more anyway. I can't help it. I love it. Every bit of it, from Dean Martin to Pavarotti, and everyone in between. I used to wait till Thanksgiving before pulling it out, but these last few years, I just need more. I'll probably listen to nothing but this stuff until December 26th, when I'll sadly put it all away for another year, although I have been known to play Christmas music on a hot summer day, to help cool me off.

My cousin Mitzi sang "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow" to me yesterday, via Facebook, which pleased me immensely. Mitzi normally shuns all things Christmas, especially the music. I know there are people like her out there, the Humbugs who for whatever reason, choose to find no joy in the Holidays. I don't hang out with those people, and because I love my cousin, I'm so happy to see her making a different choice this year. We're only here for a little while, folks. Might as well have fun. And if Mitzi can bust loose with a perky Holiday tune and a new attitude, well, I believe there's also hope for Peace On Earth.


  1. No snow here yet, and I honestly am terrified of the day it comes. One day nothing, the next day, 3 feet of snow every day for 6 months. Meh. Enjoy your music :).


  2. Nice snow shot! I feel your excitement! Wonderful.


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