A Quick Catch-Up

I'm rattled today. Nothing bad, just a lot going on. So it's a good day for some quick updates. Some days are deeper than others. I'm all on the surface today, slipping along like a water bug...

The stinky couch is still on the patio. We can't seem to unload it, not even for free, and not even to someone who just wants it for a dog bed. I'm bummed that we might have to take it to the dump, but it really can't stay here. Phooey! The good news is, the house smells very nice without it... And, we've decided not to bother replacing it. Why buy furniture that we (hope to) have to move in the near future? The big empty living room makes a great dance floor this way!

I posted some beads on my website over the weekend. Sold a few too. I'm pleased. I guess I'll make some more. I have to admit, it's nice to have the studio back in action, in this new, low stress sort of way. Pretty things are happening in there...

The opening at the Parks Gallery for the Daughters of Juarez show was amazing. It wasn't easy work to look at, given the subject matter, so I have to admit to skimming over a lot of it. The piece by Deborah Rael-Buckley is even more beautiful than I'd imagined though, and I spent a lot of time with it. You may recall that Rick and I helped with this piece, by making some of the small chairs that are seated in the large chair. I'm really happy we could help, and that we came up with chairs Deborah could actually use.
(The gallery photos are by Thomas Buckley)

And Sunday was one of those beautiful fall days that just has to be spent outside. A small group of friends met at the John Dunn Bridge, where the Rio Hondo meets the Rio Grande. It's a beautiful, magical place, perfect for one last picnic before winter sneaks in.

OK. We're all caught up. I hope today is the start of a great week for you!


  1. And someone wanted the couch after all! Terrific! Isn't it amazing that the art piece had to do with something to sit on, the same as your struggle for the day was what to do with something that you sit on. Anyway, life sounds good! Have a wonderful week.

  2. I was a bit behind in my reading, but the piece you guys helped with turned out great!!! And who doesn't love a picnic at the John Dunn bridge??? Glad you're enjoying your time back in Taos!!!


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