Taos Pictures For Mary

I have an artist friend, Mary Van Kampen, who spends part of the year in Taos, and the other part in Michigan. Understandably, to me at least, she misses Taos a lot when she isn't here, and relies on her Facebook Friends to help keep her connected. This morning, she sort of jokingly commented to me that she would depend on me for her "descriptive Taos fix", and when I read that, it instantly turned into a project--Taos Pictures For Mary.

I tossed together a Facebook Album, using three photos I snapped with my phone yesterday. The plan is to add to the album frequently, with words as well as pictures, so that Mary, and anyone else who yearns for some time in Taos, can have an ongoing, living, breathing look at our little town as it changes with the seasons. There are a lot of great photographs of Taos out there, taken by real photographers who know how to get it just right. My humble offering is more spontaneous and organic. These photos will always be in-the-moment bits of life. Not art, certainly not art, but quick thoughts and postcards, taken on the run.

These will be my personal view of Taos, taken from where my days take me. Sometimes I don't stray any farther than my own driveway, and other days, like yesterday, are spent driving all over the mesa, just to see what it's like out there. At the end of most days, there's an inspiring sunset. You'll be seeing a lot of those, because if you were here with me, this is what it would be like.


  1. I'm from Texas and I am now in Michigan, and I miss my desert and mountains *horribly*! I always loved seeing the photos you would post because it would take me back home. I get your friend completely lol!


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