Time Well Spent

Today Rick and I are celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary. Amazing how the time has gone by. As with anything that's good in life, it seems like it was just yesterday that we stood in that strange, crystal-filled room in Seattle, with only our kids in attendance. Time is a funny thing. And looking back in a different way, we've done so much in these 18 years. More than some people manage in a lifetime. And we're not done yet. If we're lucky enough to have another 18 years together, it won't be enough. But as Doris, the minister who married us said, "When you're married in our church, you're married for all time." Good thing we like each other.

We're not a couple who needs to force a romantic evening. We have a pretty romantic life every day. So tonight we're meeting friends for pizza, and then going to the Taos BRAWL event at the Solar Center, where a bunch of women will gear up in silly and fearsome personas for a "woMano A woMano" arm wrestling match, benefitting a local literacy organization. Honestly, doesn't that sound like more fun than a fussy, expensive dinner all by ourselves? We think so. And since we sort of see our anniversary as the start of the Holiday Season, I'll probably wear my wine colored velvet dress, just to be festive, with my stompingly hip Frye boots, because boots are the only footwear that make any sense on a chilly November night in Taos.

Starting the morning off slowly, we took our tea and toast up to the Nest, and gazing out the frosty trailer window at the rooftop of a house we once called home, we talked a little about time gone by, and looked ahead, over the chimneys, into the clear blue sky, to what waits for us in years to come. But mostly we just sat there in the moment, warm and cozy, and happy to be together, right where we are.


  1. You guys are a great couple and an inspiration to many. May you enjoy your day! See you tonight, Peach!!!

  2. Haha! I'll try not to clobber anyone! Thanks for the good wishes. See you at the BRAWL!

  3. Happy Anniversary you two love birds! I wish you a minimum of 18 more glorious years togehter. I love your pictures today! Your evening plans sound wonderful!


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