We Need A New Couch

We have begun the destinkification process on the couch. No, it's not a real word, but it's the right word. Our big, soft, brown couch became a dog bed while we were away. Maybe a cat bed too. And a scratching post. Maybe even worse. Day after day I go in the house, and see the sun streaming into the living room, and think how nice it would be to stretch out on the couch with my computer, or a book, or just a cup of tea. And then I get close to it and catch a whiff of pet stench, and go running for the door. No wonder we can't sell the house. That couch has some seriously bad juju. We only leave it there because it fills a large space and makes the place look somewhat lived in and homey. But if we're going to reclaim the house as even a part time homey hangout, we're going to have to do something about that couch.

Rick went to the tack store yesterday and picked up a gallon of enzyme pet-odor-eliminator. He put it in his big pump-up yard sprayer gizmo, and we dragged all the couch cushions out to the patio, where he soaked them to near drowning, and left them gasping in the sun to dry. They will stay out there for several days, or until it rains. Maybe even if it does rain. Meanwhile, I'll keep sniffing the arms and back of the couch, which still stink, even after a good enzyme dousing.

To be honest, I don't have much hope for this couch. I don't want to invest any more in cleaning it up, because I really think it needs to be replaced. It still looks pretty good, sort of, except for some cat clawing on the side, and the shredded throw pillows that went straight to the trash can. But otherwise, it's just sort of a frumpy old friend who deserves better than a trip to the dump. I kind of have a yearning for a new one though, and maybe Old Frumpy can be happy on somebody's front porch, filled with dogs and cats again.

Rick and I went all over town the other day, looking at every furniture store, from high end rich-people stuff to overpriced thrift store junk. Of course the only thing I found that made my heart sing was a gorgeous, oversized plushy tapestry number that was on sale for a mere $3,000. Moving on! I looked on Craigslist, and decided not to bother with somebody else's old couch when we already have one of our own. Then I did a Google search for "discount couches", and a few clicks later, I hit the jackpot.

I found a place called HomeReserve.com, that offers a "furniture concept" I've never seen before. They have all sorts of styles of couches and sofas (I'm not really sure of the difference, except for the number of cushions), plus chairs, loveseats, and ottomans (which I really think should be ottomen.) You can choose the style and fabric, they send it to you in boxes made to fit through doorways, and you put it together yourself. Sort of like Ikea, only it looks more like real furniture. Every piece has storage under the seat, and many of the fabrics are machine washable. They even offer special pet-proof fabrics, and you can replace fabric and padding on any section if it gets damaged, or the whole thing if you just want a change of color. All this, and the prices are better than a lot of the used stuff I've seen. I don't like the slippiness (another perfect non-word) of slipcovers, and I love the idea of keeping a piece for years, and updating it with new fabric. These people are brilliant.

I guess the real test is in the sitting. But the prices are great, customer comments are good, the website is fun to use, and I think it's worth giving them a try. I'm having fun "trying on" various fabrics on my virtual new couch, and might order a few swatches before I commit to a whole couch full of anything. Of course, I do have to be sensible and give Old Frumpy a fair chance. If he can be de-stunk, he can stay. If not, I'm going shopping.


  1. WHAT!!! Reasonably priced ,practical furniture with amazing user friendly features !
    Isn't that against the laws of mechanizing ?
    It can't be true.I must be dreaming about reading your blog.I'll probably wake up soon. Mean time I'll bookmark that link just in case......
    I have 3 cats & 3 dogs...I NEED that furniture !!!
    m.e. :)

  2. From my experience, don't wanna burst your bubble or nuffin, but animals scents never *truly* come out of furniture/carpets/drywall/etc. That stank is *forever* lol. I do hope it works for you, but a new couch is never a bad thing either :).

    Good luck!

  3. Message for Penny - if you have a solid surface such as dry wall, concrete, or even wood flooring you can seal that stink in by a good coating of shellac. A ceiling water stain from a leaky roof can be sealed successfuly with shellac and painted over, too. Upholstery fibers - hmmm, let's see what success Rick and Kim have with the enzyme. Good to know where to find that stuff. A friend is using a dry enzyme product to neutralize odors in a clay tile floor in a guy's bathroom. It finally worked after several months. Norine

  4. Kim, here is something to try. Go to a furniture store, take a seat cushion from a couch that is about the thickness of these seat cushions. Put the cushion on the floor next to the couch. Now sit on the seat cushion and lean against the couch. Is it comfortable in the seat? Do you like the firmness? The "carpenter's daughter" is coming out in me. Seeing the website with the storage under the seat tells me that you'll be sitting on wood under that seat cushion, not on springs. So it's up to you if you like a firm couch or not. Something to try and assess.

    Good luck!


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