Another Bracelet Winner, and a Week Well Spent

Congratulations Barb C!!!
You're the winner of this week's Gratitude Bracelet!
Please contact me by email and let me know where to send it. (

I'll do next week's drawing on Friday. Good luck everyone, and thank you for your wonderful comments!

And now, a few more pictures from Taos Feeds Taos. Rick and I spent three days helping pack and distribute over 1,100 boxes of food, plus hams, turkeys, and bags of apples and potatoes. We're tired, but in the happiest possible way. This was the 25th year of Taos Feeds Taos, which is run entirely by volunteers and donations, along with a lot of help (and muscle!) from the National Guard. What an amazing bunch of people. We're so happy we had the chance to participate this year, and hope to do it all again next year. Thank you Taos Feeds Taos for making our Christmas happier! And if anyone wants to give me a holiday gift, make a donation to Taos Feeds Taos through this link! Thanks! I love it, and it fits perfectly!


  1. Job well done! Merry Christmas to all the good helpers.

  2. Wonderful work Kim! It is the greatest feeling in the world when you see everyone in your community come together as one to help each other out :).


  3. Congrats to Barb C! Very good work Kim, the pics are great to see how big it is!
    Hugs, Carolien

  4. Congrats to Barb(she's gonna love her bracelet!)
    And thank you Kim for your generous heart!!!
    Again Happy Holidays to all

  5. Taos seems to have discovered the true meaning of the season!!!
    I just caught up with your last weeks posts.
    I think you and Taos are a pretty good fit.
    Reading between the lines ,sounds like you love the place to me .
    :) m.e.

  6. Congrats to this weeks winner. Everyone looked so happy to be helping out with the boxes. Great Holiday spirit. Suzie


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