Exploring Taos ~ Part 4 ~ Magical Christmastime

Here's what I think. I think everyone should spend Christmastime in Taos at least once. The whole month of December if possible. There's something going on ever minute, and it's all fun, fun, fun. Yesterday Deborah and I went to the kids' party at the Festival of Trees & Wreaths, which is held at the glorious El Monte Sagrado. Tonight is the main event, for the adults, but I think we had more fun being there with all the kids. A lot of them dressed up in their holiday velvets and satins, and they were so cute to watch as they looked at all the decorated trees, snacked on popcorn mixed with cheesy goldfish crackers and cranberries, and made fancy paper crowns and glimmering pipe cleaner snowflakes at the long craft table. And of course Santa showed up and caused a flurry of excitement. Kids. They get it. They feel the magic, and so we got to too.

Tonight is the big tree lighting on the plaza. We'll be there. And we'll be keeping the Taos News handy, so we'll know what's going on every day from now till New Years. I really love this time of year here. I wish you all could be here too. Let me know if you're coming, and we'll meet up at the Taos Inn for a tasty beverage!


  1. I wish I could join you. Some years ago when we lived in Abq's Ease Mountains, Bill & I spent a week-end in Taos in Dec. It was wonderful! Polly Anna

  2. We will be going to our Christmas tree lighting in our tiny town of Oxford tonight. My 14 year old is in the choir and will be performing on top of it all. The drawbacks: it is colder than you-know-what- outside and they closed down our coffee shop that is next door to the town square.

    Have fun tonight!

    Penny \IiiI

  3. Certainly the best venue for seeing "awe" is in a child's face, To paraphrase some philosopher whose name escapes me at the moment, [Children] are god's way of saying he is not yet finished with mankind." Lucky you! ellen

  4. wish I could be there. Enjoy. Suzie

  5. We camped in Taos years ago, and we loved it! It really is gorgeous there. I imagine it would be totally decked out for Christmas...with all that creativity flowing through most of the resident's veins.

  6. Oooo, a drinkie-poo at the Taos Inn? I'm on my way! (I wish.)

  7. Sounds magical! Looking forward to enjoying Taos on our cross-country adventure next spring!

  8. Oh! don't I wish I could spend some time in Taos just taking in the sights. That would be time so well spent. In the meantime, please enjoy some of the spirit for me, too.


  9. Oh wow, that looks so nice. It makes me look forward to Christmas and I hardly ever do that. All the things you have to do, instead of what you like to do. But the lights and colors in the first picture now do have a good effect on my Christmas mood :) Thank you Kim!
    Hugs, Carolien

  10. Years ago I heard from friends about the wonders of Taos. Reading your blog REALLY makes me want to visit! I guess I could pop by while visiting my ex in Albequ.!! Taos-yes. Ex-not likely!
    Sara in FL

  11. Love the warm feeling of Christmas,especially around kids all the joy and excitement.
    Thanks Kim
    Ruth at the Coast

  12. I've been to Taos a few times in the winter,it's wonderful there(little colder than here in El Paso brrrr)but I loved it!! Enjoy the holidays!!

  13. But it's cold there isn't it! I thought one of the benefits of living in an RV was to find the sunshine and warmth in the winter. What are the best weather months in Taos? Maybe we can plan on visiting the town then!

  14. I can imagine the wonderful time to be had in Taos during the holidays, I have always loved a trip to Taos. A mere 7 hours away,hmmmmmmm, thinking about a trip ! : ) April N

  15. Sounds magical!!!
    Why do we so often fail to explore the area we live in? Often there's no place like home!!!
    m.e. :)


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